Cloud enjoy cultural happy year

2022-05-06 0 By

The intangible Cultural Heritage items with Shaanxi characteristics, such as steamed buns, shadow play paper-cuts and dough figurines, have always been the “stars” of temple fairs and fairs.Recently, “Cloud appreciation intangible cultural Heritage · Ingenuity handed down art” line last year’s cultural exhibition activities opened, Xi ‘an Beilin District Dongguan South Street residents Wu Shanshan picked up the phone, without leaving home to feel the thick flavor of the New Year.”Cloud to admire the intangible, originality passes on technique the clever online activities into the customs in culture, surrounding the intangible” boring feed “play” fun “” fun music” content “fun art” four plates, steamed buns, shadow play, woodcut New Year pictures, TaoXun, paper-cut, fuwa intangible items, such as WeChat, weibo, trill new media as the carrier, with online video and photos show not of xi “an unusually brilliant project.With the theme of “Happy New Year and warm in Chang ‘an”, the 2022 Xi ‘an Cloud “Village Evening” activity was launched on shaanxi Public Culture Cloud, Shaanxi Radio and Television Network, Xi ‘an Radio and TELEVISION and other platforms on New Year’s Eve.More than 10 programs, including dance, Qin Opera, children’s scene performance, songs, pottery xun performance and magic show, were staged in turn, bringing a wonderful online cultural feast to the public.This cloud “Village evening” collection of Xi ‘an districts and counties reflect rural revitalization, folk culture, well-off life and other rural themes of literature and art works, showing the folk charm of the new era, rural taste, characteristic culture.During the Spring Festival, Xi ‘an launched a number of popular cultural activities, mainly online, in order to serve the local Chinese New Year and meet the cultural needs of citizens, based on the regular epidemic prevention and control situation.For example, “Inheriting classic Chinese New Year” cloud exhibition includes Chang ‘an Poetry Fair, Qin Opera exhibition, intangible cultural heritage exhibition and other activities;The cloud live broadcast of “Dragon Rise and Tiger Leap Year of China” includes overseas New Year wishes, cloud gathering in Xi ‘an, anti-epidemic stories and other activities;”Love full Chang ‘an Happy Year” cloud spread, including New Year calligraphy and painting exhibition, art exhibition, Spring Festival couplets paper-cut creation exhibition, New Year photography competition and other activities;”Millennium Ancient Capital Welcomes New Year” cloud experience includes choral concert, community mass cultural works exhibition, cloud concert and other activities;”Book Flavor Culture Year” cloud sharing includes nationwide reading, book recommendation, celebrity lecture hall and other activities.