How can food businesses prevent bad reviews

2022-05-06 0 By

The probability of bad reviews in food stores is relatively high, because there are many details of the problem is to be improved and prevented, only by optimizing the details can effectively prevent the generation of bad reviews.1. In daily reception, the most important matters needing attention should be set up on the welcome language of the shop.2. After placing an order, buyers need to check the receiving information and mobile phone number, so as not to delay the arrival time by changing the information during the process, thus affecting the shopping experience of buyers.1. Avoid the use of easily deformed or unstable boxes for delivery, which will affect the risk of food safety.2. Avoid leaving gaps in the food in the box. If there are gaps, the food will shake during transportation, which will affect the taste of the food or destroy the beauty of the food, and there is a risk of damage.3, need to avoid the use of too poor filler, poor quality filler can not play a buffer effect on food, can not fundamentally prevent.4. Avoid sending valuable or fragile items in envelopes or bags.5, need to avoid the use of all kinds of grotesque packaging boxes, will increase the probability of damage.6, fill in the address should be detailed, accurate, do not use pencil, pen to fill in the delivery address, it will be scraped or rubbed in the transportation and blurred risk.Three, the purpose of the store with services to reduce poor reviews, enhance the sense of trust of buyers.