How to choose the most reasonable objective lens for industrial inspection

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What are the most important parts in an industrial microscope?I believe that many people in the industry will agree: objective lens, as a microscope to detect the existence of the general eye, the choice of objective lens is very important.So how to choose the objective lens is reasonable?Different people have different views, but it is not difficult to find that many microscope inspection enterprises will choose Olympus as the objective lens supplier, let’s understand why.Before we do that, we need to know something about objective lenses.A lens is an optical element made of transparent material with a surface that is part of a sphere.Objective lens is usually a lens group composed of several lenses. Objective lens is a kind of convex lens. Its main function is to magnify the tested sample and help industrial detection.So, how to choose the most reasonable objective lens?Image quality The quality of the objective lens in a microscope directly affects the resolution and image sharpness of the microscope.Olympus XLine and MPLAPON series UIS2 infinity correction optics, wavefront aberration control, excellent color reproducibility and various wavelength range, from ultraviolet to near infrared flat field, high transmittance of advanced coating, can obtain excellent image quality and performance, with the comprehensive correction optics aberration for no compensation, so that you can and allComponents such as a mirror-like tube lens are used together to obtain very clear images, allowing inspectors to harvest higher quality microscope images.How to buy objective lens with long working distance?What are the advantages?The most direct is to protect the test safety of the sample, so that the sample is not affected by the test, can be preserved intact or convenient for subsequent secondary testing.Olympus has a variety of long range objectives.For example, the LMPLFLN series, which has a longer working distance than Olympus standard objective lenses, can provide high magnification for open-field use, resulting in higher resolution and sharper images.The SLMPLN series, Olympus’s longest working range objective lens, provides a high magnification objective lens for open field applications, and the imaging results are naturally very good.We should also consider whether the brand produces a single type of objective lens. If there are only one or two kinds of objective lens, it is naturally not recommended to choose it.Olympus has a wide range of objectives, so suppliers are more selective.A water immersion objective lens for detecting broken pieces of cover;A long working range objective lens for detecting irregular topography;There is a near infrared transmission objective to detect silicon materials;Flat field achromatic lens MPLAPON with differential interference and simple polarization observation.Through the above content, we must understand how to choose an objective lens.Olympus has a wide range of objective lenses, making it easier for companies to choose the right lens.With 100 years of experience, Olympus produces more professional microscope parts, advanced technology and excellent quality so that Olympus has become the first choice of many enterprises.