Nanjing police cracked a case involving the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy medical equipment worth more than 20 million yuan across the province

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Modern Express news (correspondent Ning Gongxuan reporter Gu Yuansen) In order to effectively safeguard drug safety and people’s life and health, Nanjing police actively implement the Ministry of Public Security, provincial public Security department special work deployment, give full play to the advantages of the “professional strike” mechanism, severely crack down on the crime of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and inferior drugs, achieved remarkable results.On January 22, the Food and drug environmental investigation Detachment of Nanjing Public Security Bureau and jiangning Public Security Bureau successfully launched the “first shot” of the province’s key offensive action, cracked a case of cross-provincial production and sale of fake and shoddy medical equipment, and arrested 16 gang members.More than 100 beauty shops in more than 10 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Xinjiang were involved, with a value of more than 20 million yuan.On February 8, the Food and Drug Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security sent a congratulatory telegram.In January this year, the Food and drug environmental investigation team of Nanjing Public Security Bureau found that a man surnamed Wang from Anhui province was suspected of selling fake beauty instruments and consumables of a certain brand in Nanjing, involving huge value.City public security bureau leadership attaches great importance to, requires rapid action, severe blow.Jiangning Public Security Sub-bureau immediately launched the investigation mechanism of “professional strike” major cases, and set up a special case team of elite police officers to go all out to trace the source.Police in the analysis of massive evidence found that since 2020, Wang mou using its registered technology company, together with People from Hubei Wei mou and Anhui Xu mou, in Jiangning district to buy and sell fake beauty equipment, well-organized, hidden behavior.The task force worked out action plans overnight and sent 5 investigation teams to store goods dens, promote studios and activity areas for strict control.On January 12, police from the task force went to a technology company for an inspection.Different from the fake dens found before, the company’s decoration is fresh and clean, and the service is warm and thoughtful.”During the investigation, the customer service staff introduced beauty instruments to the investigation police, but kept silent about the fake beauty instruments.However, a message about a brand’s beauty equipment popped up on the company’s staff’s internal mobile phone, which made the fox’s tail come out.The task force dug deep on this lead.On January 22, the arrest time is ripe, the task force organized more than 30 police forces to act in a unified way, caught Wang and other 5 people on the spot, seized 5 books, involved in the computer 3, a key first step in the special attack.According to police, there is no difference between the first floor of the company and a regular beauty equipment consignment shop, while online shops selling fake beauty equipment are hidden on the second floor.On the web interface for communicating with customers, the customer service even said, “We have several brands and the price is favorable.We make whatever brand the customer wants.”In front of a lot of evidence, the person in charge of the company truthfully explained the crime, a counterfeit, fake network to show.Through further examination of the people involved, the task force found that a group of suspects are printing related brands of beauty equipment in Guangzhou counterfeit trademarks.In order to strive for the biggest results, the task force adhere to the “upstream and downstream together, the end of the source together”, soldiers rushed to the upstream Guangzhou, downstream Hefei two places close investigation, follow the line of deep digging.Police seized a large number of semi-finished counterfeit equipment in a counterfeit assembly warehouse in Guangzhou.Soon, a guangdong luo mou headed by the counterfeiting of the sale of counterfeit criminal gangs gradually surfaced, but Luo’s factory is located in the remote, the door locked.Be at a loss during, action group police passes careful investigation, recorded the personnel of suspicious workshop, scale, and made arrest plan after returning.Police seized a large number of brand equipment imitating trademarks and logo parts at a trademark counterfeiting factory in Guangzhou.On January 25, the action group in the local public security organs under the strong support, all the way in guangzhou Baiyun District a secret factory building, will be manufacturing fake beauty instrument luo mou and other 5 people caught on the spot, and then have 6 people such as Lu mou printed fake trademarks all arrested.On the other hand, he went to Baohe, Yaohai, Shushan and other districts of Hefei city, inspected 9 beauty shops involved, and seized 10 fake beauty instruments and a large number of consumables.After investigation, the criminal gang in order to make huge profits, without the authorization of the brand company in the case of production, manufacturing, sales of counterfeit beauty equipment, the use of coverage of Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Sichuan and other more than 10 provinces, more than 100 beauty shops, involving more than 20 million yuan.At present, the police have arrested 16 key members of the gang, 6 of whom have been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law. The investigation of the case is still in progress.(Photo provided by police)