Photos of female university students flaunting their wealth at Tsinghua University have become a hot topic

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Article/Miao teacher guide language: “famous schools” is the yearning of many students, the reason why students study hard for 12 years is to want to be admitted to a famous school in the college entrance examination.”Reading” for ordinary people now is just to live a better life, reading has been regarded as the easiest way to turn over.Nowadays, with the rapid economic development, most people’s living conditions have become better, so many people, especially women, have begun to pursue a higher quality of life, they love “luxury goods”, especially the existence of bags is “a cureall”.The economic development cannot be separated from the support of education. Education is the foundation of a country. Only when education keeps up with The Times can the economy develop.There is a video that has gone viral on the Internet, which shows the actress wearing a smart dress and carrying a bag that is more expensive than Hermes.It’s limited edition, and what’s more, she goes to Tsinghua University.Tsinghua University is one of the most prestigious universities in China, and its students can be regarded as “outstanding”.This girl quietly standing on the side of the basketball court, she can make others pay attention to her, this time she is watching others playing basketball, bright hair, fashionable dress, let her stand out in the crowd.But it wasn’t just her outfit she was notable for, it was her bag, which had the name Tsinghua University on it.This bag is not expensive, but it can not be measured by the price, may not be able to buy it, hermes successful people may not be able to buy this bag, because the people who can carry this bag are worthy of the name “students with good grades.”This may be the most enviable photo of showing off her wealth, but I think she is showing off her achievements rather than her wealth.Students who can get into Tsinghua university will not do too badly.Tsinghua University is a place that truly serves students. Students can enjoy the best educational resources here. The school will provide students with daily necessities and school supplies for free.Tsinghua University has been ranked 16th in the world university rankings in 2021 and continues to rise.Its growing reputation is enough to prove that the current educational situation in our country is considerable.However, Tsinghua University does not have a reputation, but those intimate “special goods”.The library of Tsinghua University is the most worth visiting. The quality of a school directly determines its quality.The desks and chairs in the tsinghua library are all solid wood, the computers are all brand name, and the most remarkable thing is that the school supplies are all donated by alumni.In addition to these hardware facilities, Tsinghua University has been kind enough to install sockets on every desk in the library so that students can study without worrying about the battery of their computers and mobile phones.The desks in the library are also equipped with “eye lights” to prevent students from tiring their eyes if they stay up late studying.The school has also installed coffee machines at the doors of each classroom to keep students’ spirits up all the time.What makes the author envy is that Tsinghua University has not only installed air conditioning in the dormitory, but also installed central air conditioning in the corridors and even the toilets, knowing that many universities do not even have air conditioning in the dormitory.Therefore, if a student can be admitted to Tsinghua University successfully, then he can not live a low-qualified life from now on. After being admitted to Tsinghua university, the circles and places that students come into contact with are all advanced, and it is difficult to be excellent.”Famous schools” is never a halo, but the embodiment of personal ability, want to be admitted to famous schools must pay “famous schools” is always desirable, but in fact, the admission score of famous schools is very high, the probability of students can be admitted is very small, take 985 engineering colleges for example, less than 2% of students can be admitted to 985 colleges every year.Therefore, elite schools do not rely on imagination to be admitted. If students want to be admitted to elite schools, they must learn to pay, develop a complete study plan, and work hard without stopping is what students should do.Senior one is the most important stage for students, which is the turning point from middle school to high school. If students can’t get used to high school life, their grades will definitely fall off a cliff.High school is the stage for students to lay the foundation, only to lay a good foundation, students in the second and third year of high school learning process will not be so difficult, when the students enter the third year is basically review.Students go through one or two rounds of review, and as long as they keep up with the progress of the teacher, their grades will not be too bad.Today’s topic: how do you think the senior three should study to be admitted to a famous school?(Picture from the network, infringement contact deleted)