Taiyuan: small grid members to deliver great positive energy in the community busy

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Big and small affairs in the community, they are as busy as a big butler small grid member to transfer great positive energy, they see the tin billboard on the wall of the building is crumbling, the first time to help contact;Whose old people are not convenient to go out, they rushed home to help hello;If a family has a neighbor conflict, they will try their best to mediate.In the eyes of the grid members of the general department, the big and small affairs in the community can not be neglected.Shanxi Evening News reporter found that small grid members, like big butler, residents encountered some problems, have their busy figure.So, what does a general grid worker do?February 16, 17, shanxi evening News reporters interviewed at this point.”Xiao Zhang, my upstairs is leaking, the toilet is dripping like rain, and there is no one upstairs, what should I do?”At 6 o ‘clock on February 16, taiyuan City Yingze district old barracks street Taoyuan South Road second community general grid member Zhang Ling’s mobile phone rang.It was Ms. He, an 88-year-old resident of the medical university dormitory.After putting down the phone, Zhang Ling handed her 5-year-old son to her husband, put on a red vest and went out.Facing the cold wind in the early morning, Zhang Ling got on an electric bike and arrived at Miss He’s home before 7 o ‘clock.Check the situation first. Ms. He lives on the second floor. At this time, water has leaked to the first floor and the walls of the first and second floors are also filled with water.There was no water on the fourth or fifth floor. Zhang Ling preliminarily judged that there was a leak on the third floor. She knocked at the door again, but still no one answered the door.Zhang Ling quickly query resident information, found that the third floor of the house is entrusted by the owner of the real estate agency to rent.Therefore, Zhang Ling immediately dialed the intermediary phone, let the intermediary contact the residents, and emergency door unlock, together to check the situation.It turned out that the bathroom on the third floor had a broken pipe and was spraying water.Zhang Ling contacted the maintenance, notified the residents, and helped Ms. He to clean up. She finished her work without a break. When the pipes were repaired and the valve was opened, it was already about 12 o ‘clock.”My mother is getting older and needs help with a lot of things. Since Xiao Zhang gave us the card, we have bothered her a lot.”Ms. He’s son said while giving a thumbs-up.Look at these worried grid members “Dan Dan ah, our village door is particularly smelly, you quickly help us think of a way!”On February 16, Taiyuan city yingze area blacksmith lane community residents Ms. Wang entered the community door on the grid members to reflect the problem.Dan Dan while comforting Ms. Wang, while asking what the situation.Dandan and Ms. Wang came to the scene together, found that it may be the door of the hotel oil blocked the pipeline, so immediately to the management of the store property dialed the phone.After disposal, it was found that one of the Wells did overflow, resulting in a pipe blockage.Found the reason, after dredging maintenance personnel to deal with, the problem was finally solved.Qi Fang, another grid member, found a precariousstair advertisement at the gate of no. 11 Yard of Houblacksmith Lane in her daily street patrol. When she approached, she found it was still a tin billboard.Qi Fang immediately contact maintenance personnel for processing.Soon, the dangerous tin billboard disappeared, qi Fang was relieved.In Qi Fang’s eyes, if she can help, she will do her best to help.After blacksmith lane 11 courtyard residents Mr. Wang own kitchen sink has been leaking, but can not find the point of leakage.This can worry bad him, but under, he had to come to the community for help.Qi Fang went to see what was going on at home first. As There were many miscellaneous things in Mr. Wang’s home and the light was not particularly good, Qi Fang was not a professional, so she only heard the sound of water leaking close to the heating. Could it be caused by water leaking in the heating pipe?Qi Fang first contacted the area heat station on behalf of the stationmaster.After the investigation of Mr. Wang’s home, acting stationmaster is sure that the heating water pipe is leaking.Qi Fang also hurried to contact liuxiang housing administration staff, that afternoon, the community, Liuxiang housing administration and heat station staff came to Mr. Wang’s home, after maintenance master some operation, a heating pipe with many teeth marks appeared in front of everyone, the original heating pipe was bitten by rats.In less than 10 minutes, the repairman replaced the pipe, and the water leakage for many days was eliminated. Mr. Wang especially thanked the community grid members and maintenance staff for their help.”If it wasn’t for the attention of the grid operator, I wouldn’t know what the problem was.”Master Wang thanked qi Fang again and again.Taiyuan City Yingze district old barracks street Jinsong community, 30 years old grid member Li Gen heart to solve the problem for residents, some time ago, residents specially sent a brocade flag to express their gratitude.”Secretary, I have brought a brocade flag to Li Gen.Li Gen is responsible and can do practical things for our people. How nice!”District resident Ms Guo took the banner, came to the community secretary Zhang Lifeng front.Originally, a few days ago, Li Gen received a call from Ms. Guo for help, there is a perennial abandoned signal receiver and shelf on the wall of unit 3 of building 33 in the community. The shelf is rusty and easy to fall, and there are security risks. I hope you can help contact the demolition.After Li Gen understands the situation on the spot, contact with unit of property right of village and communication operator.Three days later, seeing that the matter was still unresolved, he contacted the old barracks street urban construction and urban creation group, and finally the abandoned signal rack was removed.At the end of the year, families with financial difficulties apply for corresponding state subsidies. Li Gen’s grid has an elderly resident who meets the requirements.The old man was sickly and his child had died a few years earlier. Many documents needed to be provided were either lost or needed to be replaced.Li gen knows the situation actively and community health plan members to discuss, to the residents to think of a way to find the corresponding materials, the final success.These things in the eyes of Li Gen, should do, he said that this is to do their own work.Interview, shanxi evening news reporter learned that, community general grid member in addition to the well does not share, also bear a lot of work: the epidemic prevention and control publicity and community health service station on guard on duty, propaganda and anti-fraud APP download, civilization value in the grid and public welfare activities, the traffic conflict mediation, residential courtyard patrol, security screening…Grid workers are seen every day in every precinct, as they form a dense safety net when they are either on the grid or on the way to it.Give them a thumbs up!Shanxi evening news reporter Xu Maili correspondent Ma Shanshan Zhang Yujie Jin Ying