To tianjin must eat the old traditional restaurant, it is a pile of foreign tourists, meal point three floors full of people

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Said to tianjin cuisine, you might think of tianjin goubuli stuffed bun, actually has a variety of products in tianjin, people from all over the country, they invented a lot of features in tianjin local specialty dishes, Chinese food, halal food, covering the folk snack, we collectively referred to as tianjin cuisine, tianjin cuisine is adept at using the tree for food and seafood, in pursuit of seasons and seasonings,With salty flavor, sweet and sour taste and slightly hemp taste, there are a lot of tourists in Tianjin now, everyone wants to eat tianjin cuisine with characteristics, it is a famous restaurant on the Network.Country garden restaurant in heping district five avenue, has a large amount of famous taste, their house is old house, there are three floors, hall is very large, but the guest is really too much, as if people mountain people sea said many people in tianjin after their house red didn’t delicious, there are some improvement, taste and ingredients still kept level, however, because of business recently, open till the end of February,Please don’t leave anything empty if you want to eat it.The environmental aspects, because must be improved, so I believe that new decoration style will make the eyes become bright, enthusiastic service, served quickly, they also opened more than ten years, the traffic is very convenient, but parking is not very convenient, suggest take a bus or the subway, in addition to the tourists come here to have a meal, have a lot of white hair old man in tianjin,To prove the foundation of their family.About food, taste good, so rarely on ray, black garlic beef too real, not beef but beef piece, and the ingredients were fresh, can eat the flavor of beef, full of meat, decorated with a couple of garlic, the smell of roasted garlic, ate it wouldn’t be bored with, mature garlic and black pepper sauce fusion sweet spicy taste,It’s like eating a medium-well black pepper steak, with a mixture of Chinese and Western visual sense.Eight Jane tofu is a famous old tianjin cuisine, the dish is confusing place is full of seafood on the surface, there are shrimp, mushrooms, meat, squid and sea cucumber, although can’t see the tofu, the bean curd is the soul of fragrance, but smoking a seafood here waiting to discover, mustard and mustard flavor of shrimp salad sauce, just was not a bit pungent, and is not greasy,All the shrimp meat is very full, with the ingredients, very powerful, Jin Wei alone gluten is fried with wheat flour and fungus, etc., the heat is very strong, there is a halogen fragrance, horseradish, cucumber leg, chrysanthemum eggplant, fried three kinds, scratch carp, etc., the taste, color and fragrance of home, filling people.The price of sex in this shop is very high, it is worth eating, please try it if you like.