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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Wang Ruichao correspondent Zhang Peng Sun Jin Xiao Fu Hu Welcome spring, celebrate the festival.China Railway Ten bureau a company in the Spring Festival approaching, paste the word “fu”, hang Spring Festival couplets, dumplings, change the company flag……Prosperous over the New Year, happy to receive blessing, usher in a full flavor of the New Year.The headquarter of the company has changed its new company flag and pasted Spring Festival couplets with “open circuit pioneer” to create a happy and auspicious festive atmosphere, wishing the company a New Year of strong riring and riring and a new brilliant future!A company equipment branch staff paste the word “fu”, Spring Festival couplets, welcome the New Year, wish everyone the year of the tiger full of blessings, the New Year struggle to realize the dream.Jianan regional project department, hanging lanterns, dumplings, the builders wrapped up a year’s full circle, all the happy moments!I wish you a happy and fruitful Year of the Tiger.Ji ‘nan new and old kinetic energy conversion starting area project department staff, cut window flowers, paste Spring Festival couplets, open the door to welcome good luck, thriving in the New Year, wish the project department construction in the New Year to catch up and create new achievements!