Welcome the new school season, Guangzhou Conghua public security to protect the school to protect safety!

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Back-to-school season is back!On February 14, the first day of spring semester, the campus which had been silent for many days became lively again. The police aunts and uncles also went to school with the children to open the “nursing mode”.At more than 6 in the morning, guangzhou Conghua police departments, police in accordance with the deployment of early to the duty post to carry out nursing work, the leadership of the branch in-depth to the front line, to carry out campus security supervision and inspection, and to do a good job of campus security normalization work put forward guidance.On the first day, branch into 40 tour groups of more than 80 police, including set up 18, traffic police station of public security patrol group tour groups of 12, mobile fighters tour groups of five, in addition transferred authority 20 police point guard 10 schools in urban areas, focus on strengthening the elementary and middle schools, kindergartens and surrounding public security prevention and control and traffic persuation, starts to students back to school.In order to do a good job in the new semester season of nursing school security work, Conghua public security attaches great importance to actively strengthen communication and contact with the education department, each school, the development of the new semester “nursing post” program, the implementation of campus security precision work.School a week before, has over 150 times on policing, concentrating on campus security hidden danger in the carpet, by organizing campus minimum emergency unit inspection, drive test, the school bus and campus safety facilities to carry out the protection XueGang, to strengthen the campus security training, promote materialize force and the police force, to safeguard conghua district environment surrounding the campus security and stability.Source by Guangzhou Conghua Public Security editor by Xiao Kai