Why can annatto furniture: prosperous curtilage, prosperous person, prosperous wealth, prosperous career

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“The ancient cave and the wilderness, the later saints easy to the palace, building under the yu, waiting for wind and rain, cover zhudazhuang”.In ancient times, people lived in caves but in the open. Later sages used houses with beams on the top and eaves on the bottom to protect themselves from the wind and snow. This is probably the symbol of the hexagrams in The Book of Changes.(big zhuang hexagrams: earthquake for thunder, under the hexagrams dry for the day, for the yu, three four five three yao mutual for ze water, against the xun wind).The BOOK of Changes is regarded as the source of Traditional Chinese culture. It is known as “the first of the classics and the source of the Road”.Everything is integrated into the BOOK of Changes. Traditional Chinese philosophy, culture, literature, history, science and technology, astronomy, geography, medicine, architecture and so on are inevitably inseparable from the BOOK of Changes.In terms of houses, from palaces and temples to common people’s dwellings, all of them are found in Yi.Of course, as “scientific” modern people, you can disagree with this point of view, you can also criticize it, but its existence, its influence, but everyone has to admit the fact.In China, whether ancient or contemporary, from urban site selection to architectural orientation, which is less fengshui master’s participation?About feng shui, excluding superstitious elements, there must be a lot of Chinese civilization for thousands of years to the mutual relationship between human and nature of the empirical summary.In 2004 national residence and center of living environment project publish “2004 healthy residence technology key point” in, ever pointed out residence geomantic regard as a kind of culture heritage clearly, contain scientific composition, want to absorb its essence, slam the door its dross.Curtilage flourishing person flourishing luck potential flourishing is the pursuit that people is common, the flourishing curtilage that can wind ungrowing water rises besides should notice position, pattern and momentum to wait “greatly considerable” besides the factor, curtilage inside “mainstay” furniture is likewise chongchongchongzhong.Wood is the only living material in the five elements (wood, fire, earth, gold water). It belongs to the East and is mainly germinating with the characteristics of germinating and developing.Serve as the king in wood, compare with common woodiness, annatto becomes a material less commonly one hundred years, more on thousand years, in long growth cycle, from nature accumulation, stored a large number of clever gas and energy, have extremely strong masculine energy field.In general, in nature, the denser a substance is, the more information it carries and the more valuable it is.And annatto serves as hardwood, density is just big one of its typical idiotasy.At the same time, annatto for the masculine wood, and are dark, with a strong hair, driving effect, can promote, exciting the house of the Yang, drive out Yin, drive out evil.As the carrier of Chinese traditional culture, mahogany furniture has many unique advantages such as health and environmental protection, value appreciation and preservation.In feng shui, it has the effect of gathering Yang qi, gathering wealth qi and gathering popularity. Through reasonable indoor layout and placement, it can reach the feng shui effect of wang Zhai Wang people and wang CAI Wang yun.So, it is not difficult to understand, why from the court nobles in former days, to today’s ordinary people are so fond of mahogany furniture.Where is mahogany furniture best placed?Oriental five elements belong to wood, advocate unripe hair, it is the best position that puts annatto furniture.If there is unstable element in host home, can change this kind of adverse pattern through placing annatto furniture reasonably.If annatto furniture puts a position properly, its energy and gas field can be released gradually.If placed in the good position, the energy of good will be amplified, if placed in the bad position, the energy of evil will be strengthened.