Zou Shiming’s wife’s face is not quite the same as before

2022-05-06 0 By

On January 27 (Beijing time), Zou’s wife Ran Yingying posted a message on her microblog saying, “The rain has stopped and flowers are in full bloom.”She posted 11 pictures on her weibo account, including five of flowers and six of herself in a car.With flowers blooming in the car, Ran seemed in a good mood.In the photo, Ran has black hair, big eyes and pink lips, much like Zhao liying.However, her fans felt it was a long story, with many commenting: “Sis, you used to have a beautiful face, but now you are a different person.”Zou shiming’s wife is ran Yingying’s most famous name.Zou shiming is a leading figure in boxing in China. He has won numerous international honors, including the Beijing and London Olympic Games, and the WBO World Champion gold medal, making outstanding contributions to boxing in China and the world.Zou is where he is today because of Ran’s support.Originally a TV presenter, she temporarily gave up her hosting job to support her husband and ride the world boxing circuit with him.She later gave birth to three more sons, and Ran took care of the family by herself, raising both of them.Zou shiming has won many awards, but he and his wife have attracted attention for a variety show, Dad, Where Are We Going?Zou shows his gentle side on the show, while his son xuan Xuan has an innocent look, which has won him and his father many fans.Zou’s wife Ran Yingying has also gradually come into the public eye, earning widespread praise for her “good wife” image.Zou’s business cooperation with Ran yingying is also becoming more frequent.However, Ran’s obsessive pursuit of fashion has prompted many netizens to say she is “getting more and more confused”.The 37-year-old has fair skin and a shapely figure, but she often turns heads in dramatic clothes and heavy makeup.Many netizens have noticed that Ran’s facial features are different from those of the past and are often blamed for too much plastic surgery, possibly due to the filter.But everyone loves beauty. With a loving husband and three lovely sons, what does Ranyingying think of her beauty?