Born in 1995 and 2000!Why are they chosen as the flag-bearers of the Chinese delegation?

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Speed skating star Gao Tingyu and skeleton bobsledder Zhao Dan will carry the Chinese flag at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Zhao Dan (left) and Gao Tingyu, secretary general of the Chinese delegation ni Huizhong, talking about the flag-bearer selection, said Gao, who is competing in her second Winter Olympics and won a bronze medal last year, achieved a breakthrough in Chinese men’s speed skating and has had a good season.Zhao Dan, 19 years old, was selected into the delegation after multiple rounds of selection and is a trained young player.I hope we can feel the expectation of the delegation and recognize the efforts of the athletes and their breakthroughs.Ni revealed that the delegation had thought of other outstanding athletes, but chose Gao tingyu and Zhao Dan as they had a competition on the second day of the opening ceremony.Gao tingyu said he was honored to be the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Playing at home is extremely exciting, but being the flag bearer gives me even more power.It’s a role I’ve always wanted to play.I will live up to this trust and strive to show my best on the court.”I was surprised and honored to be the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics,” zhao said.I already feel lucky to be able to participate in the Winter Olympics at home, but now I have an additional identity, which makes me feel more responsible and responsible.I will cherish the trust given to me by the organization, stimulate the huge potential in my heart, and strive to show the best of myself on the field.