Changan UNI-T, priced at 100,000, is worth it or not

2022-05-07 0 By

I believe that everyone is no stranger to Changan Automobile company, especially in recent years, Changan Automobile company has developed particularly rapidly, why say so, you can see it in recent years on these new models, such as changan UNI-K and UNI-T, which have been heated recently, and then such as changan CS 75 PLUS, which have been sold in a big fire.These models are enough to prove the strength of Changan Automobile company, I believe that the above models have aroused curiosity, then I will introduce all the details of Changan UNI-T to you in detail!In order to arouse your interest and curiosity in advance, THIS time I will directly introduce the performance first.Blue whale 1.5T+7 speed wet, really delicious!Blue Whale 1.5T turbocharged engine +7 speed wet transmission, such a golden partner, it can not smell?In addition, it has a maximum power of 132kw and a 4-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 180 horsepower, so choose a car!Once the performance is up to your requirements, naturally, the price is expected to go up a lot. However, the Changan Uni-T with the golden power combination is also very affordable!Because its price range is only 113,900 to 133,900.Smart car + unique intake grille rushed to see the past, give me the deepest impression, of course, it will take its intake grille, it the design concept of the irregular matrix gives a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh, in addition, on either side of the intake grille design, also very proud, careful see, do you think of it like two Z glyph of guard?We look down, of course, is it this very aggressive hub, it seems always ready to attack, have to say, it is born to be a “soldier”.First of all, let me ask you a question. What do you think the changan Uni-t car tail looks like if it makes you visualize?If you can’t think of it, just listen to me, you see whether this is the reason, I said its tail like a rabbit butt, in fact, carefully observe, you will find that it really has a trace of charm in the inside, not only that, you look at its logo, is not the shape of rabbit ears?Have to say, this design inspiration of chang ‘an stylist is still a set of.Then comes the trunk. For the sake of humanization and convenience, the changan Uni-T adopts an electric rear door, which means that when the owner needs to close the rear door, he does not have to slam the door, but just clicks it into place.Double screen + small wings, the interior finish speak really handsome appearance, we take a look at its interior, red and black color has always been the symbol of the movement, changan UNI – T is not exceptional also, in order to add air movement, its interior USES a lot of red and black color, the layout of the three type of steering wheel and gear take picture, and it is very atmospheric double screen, highlights the sense of science and technology,And it accentuates its sense of control.By the way, there is one more small detail, you notice the small wings on both sides of the seat, this thoughtful design of course is to ease the fatigue of the driver and the passenger, and improve the comfort of the passenger.The event runs from February 4, 2022 to February 4, 2022