Danger!Hangzhou police timely disposal of a telecommunications network fraud

2022-05-07 0 By

“Thank you very much, if it were not for your help, I still really believe that this refund information is true, cheated!”Recently, the police on duty in Menghai Police Station received an old man, who said that he had received several strange text messages on his mobile phone recently. The message was about the information about the discontinuation of the medical insurance card, saying that the medical insurance card could only be used after logging in to the website in the message to restore and upgrade the medical insurance related business.Oneself also be in urgent need to use card of protect oneself from cancer, want dot to open a website to look, but often listen to your propaganda again be on guard against telecom network fraud, want to ask is how to return a responsibility, since place police station seeks advice.Police check messages and found messages, this is a fraud and patiently explained the recent criminals to medical insurance card to the old man stopped on the grounds that send victims masses containing “medicare card down” SMS fraud, prompting the user clicking within the text link into the false national health insurance bureau’s website, and then input the bank card number, password, identity information, telephone and other personal information,Eventually resulting in the loss of funds fraud, at the same time to the elderly propaganda related to the prevention of telecom network fraud knowledge, remind the elderly to be vigilant, pay attention to guard against, protect their own information and property security, beware of being deceived.The police also helped the old man download the installation of the national anti-fraud center APP, opened the relevant permissions, and told the old man if there is 96110 phone call must be answered.96110 is the national unified anti-fraud special number, for the masses to carry out early warning dissuasion, case return visit, prevention tips and anti-fraud propaganda.When you have 96110 call, you or your relatives and friends may be suffering from telecom network fraud, please timely answer, please believe the police identity of the other party, patiently answer questions, cooperate with the public security organs to avoid being cheated.At the same time, the public security department will not telephone handling cases, banks, social security bureau, health insurance bureau and other departments do not have the phone transferred to the public security department handling cases.Source: Ping an Hangjin Rear flag editor: Chen Long