Life is a lonely trek (52)

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Always, like lonely, also used to loneliness.In the noisy crowd, I always think of running away.Loneliness is a kind of beauty, loneliness is a sentiment.More real and solid than the hues and vacuous noise.In fact, life is nothing but a lonely trek.Those who think they can be accompanied by life and death may be lost halfway, and those who think they can be the same for life may be the first to fall.What we think we can not put down is not heavy, what matters is the heart we care about too much.Think oneself life not to forget the love is actually very light, light will be in a windy evening, quietly falling with the wind.Most of the time, we fall in love with a person, love is just our dream of love.Love is far away, but miss very true.- When I was young, I always hoped to be with some people all my life. I hope that love and warmth can accompany me all the way.When I grow up, I finally understand that the flowers will fade, the feast will end, when the bloom is all gone, all come to an end, leaving only a desolate place.- Nothing in the world can be eternal.The so-called eternal rose is just a false decoration.- Beautiful but ultimately lifeless.Yearn for the dream of wandering, like the wandering heart.- Want to be alone in the night of a distant foreign land, a beacon counts the fishing fire of the river.- Also want to stand in the streets of a distant foreign land, – a cold night wind gradually through the body and mind.- Want to fly in the snow plateau, deep looking up at the holy solemn millennium snow mountain.- Also want to sit in the sea under the night in the south, feel the waves after waves tender.- some distant memories, some gradually far footsteps, – some warm and desolate thoughts will fill my lonely at that time, – soothe that a touch of grief for relatives.- It’s sad, but it’s really beautiful.- In life, we need to travel far, need to carry some memories.- When I was very young, I had to start growing up alone.After many years, have fallen in love with loneliness, accustomed to loneliness.Like in the deep night, alone happy or sad, smile or cry alone.- Miss alone, comb the mood, – also alone to smooth the bottom of my heart that constantly surging up the dense sadness.- Like the white lotus quivering in the night wind, quietly blooming.Lonely and enchanting.- Tell your thousand-year-old wish in the breeze.Life is a lonely trek.-After gathering, we part; after meeting, we say goodbye.Accompany us may not know each other, warm our may not be able to accompany.- All the love, hate, sorrow and joy, gathering, parting and union like flowers, – also like a feast, will go away with the season, – with the passage of time and fade away, leaving the desolation after the prosperity.- Only music, words, and our dreams soothe us.- Life is elsewhere.I’ve been around as long as I’ve been around.- I’ve always liked that.- Dreams in the distance.That’s what I thought when I saw that.Life is a lonely trek.- Throughout life, we are really just walking alone.- Desolate and tragic.But keep going.- Because, life is elsewhere, the dream is far away.To fly!Keep flying!Hope and dream.-Even if it’s hard, even if it’s barely.