Natilus, a developer of autonomous cargo drones, announced more than $6 billion in pre-orders for more than 440 aircraft

2022-05-07 0 By

Natilus, a developer of autonomous cargo drones, has announced more than $6 billion in pre-order commitments for the delivery of more than 440 pre-ordered aircraft.The orders came from Volatus Aerospace, Astral Aviation, Aurora, Dymond and Flexport, among others.Earlier this month, Flexport completed a $900 million investment round and signed a Letter of intent (LOI) for two 100-ton Natilus aircraft, including an option for a third aircraft.California-based Natilus says it is producing the world’s first purpose-designed and built autonomous aircraft for air transport, with the goal of increasing the amount of cargo carried on the aircraft’s range by 60 percent while reducing costs by 60 percent and cutting carbon emissions by half.The freighter series includes a 3.8-ton payload short-haul regional uav;60 ton payload medium/long range uav;100-ton payload long-range uav;And a long-range drone with a 130-ton payload.The Natilus aircraft uses existing ground infrastructure and standard air cargo containers.