People reported gan headlines | Ding Xi ‘an District: tightening the “faucet” to do live “water article”

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A few days ago, into dingxi City, the stability of the district, a reservoir blue ripples, clear water from the mi-mi sound of water flow lightly into the fertile fields……”After the mechanical well in sichuan was shut down, the water on our mountain became more and more prosperous. Now the water in this spring is as sweet as mineral water.”Speaking of the benefits brought by yintao project, xiangquan town Quan Wan village four villagers Ma Literature cheerfully introduced to reporters.Over the years, dingxi city, once known as the world of bitter anding district, due to drought and less rain, the number of drilling more than a year, a large number of groundwater mining, resulting in water level drop, poor water quality, ecological environment was seriously damaged, to the masses of production and life brought serious impact.”I used to be in charge of two mechanical Wells, and the water output was getting smaller and smaller every year. It took several hours to irrigate one mu, which was very laborious.”With memories of the jiu water pipe work, the plumber felt miserable.Facing the severe situation of water resources, stable region innovation thought change, seize the opportunity of China’s engineering, led by a large surplus of closed area shaft, shall be prohibited to implement efficient water-saving irrigation projects, past the implementation of ecological greening engineering measures, such as open source and water simultaneously, paying equal attention to the construction and management, management and protection of synchronous water resources optimization transformation.Ma Yu, deputy head of xiangquan Water conservancy station, told reporters that after Taoshui entered the irrigation area, 33 mechanical Wells were closed, more than 6000 households all ate tap water, and the irrigation area increased from 15,000 mu to 20,000 mu.Since the first phase of Tao Water Supply project was completed in 2014, anding District has implemented efficient water-saving irrigation projects of more than 20,000 mu, relying on key projects such as large-scale water-saving, demonstration county construction and comprehensive agricultural development.The groundwater of dilapidated, suppling poor driving Wells shutdown outage, to complete the water displacement and suppling conditions are good, large water yield, facilities in good condition of groundwater Wells installed measurement facilities, storage backup, the inadequate water displacement condition, temporarily does not have close condition, irrigation efficiency play a significant groundwater Wells, install metering facilities monitoring use.Up to now, 71 underground Wells in Anding District have been closed, 95 underground Wells have been sealed up, 44 underground Wells have been put under metrological management, and all 95 underground Wells have been sealed up and 44 underground Wells under metrological management have been installed with metrological facilities under strict supervision. The groundwater over-exploitation area has been reduced from serious over-exploitation area to general over-exploitation area.Agricultural irrigation and rural water supply in the region have been further improved, and the ecological environment has continued to improve.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: