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Recently, I found a good project to join investment, high returns, small risk!Do you want to come along?Is it true?Tell me about it…Beware of this invitation because it may be a “smokescreen” for illegal fundraising!In recent years, the deepening of financial reform and innovation has not only provided sustained impetus for the stable and healthy development of economy, but also exposed some new risks and hidden dangers, manifested as the increasing number of illegal fund-raising crimes of stakeholders. These not only directly disrupted the healthy and stable development of the financial market in the whole region,And to the people caused huge economic losses to the good situation of social harmony and stability brought a lot of unstable factors.Today xiaobian said “illegal fund-raising those things” take you to see the true face of illegal fund-raising what is illegal fund-raising?Illegal fund-raising refers to the act of absorbing funds from unspecified objects in the form of promising to repay principal and interest or give other investment returns without the permission of the financial regulatory department under The State Council according to law or in violation of the state financial regulations.The characteristics of illegal fund-raising cases involve a large number of people and the scale of funds is huge. Illegal fund-raising mostly adopts pyramid schemes to promote business, and it is easy to use Internet technology, which not only leads to the expansion of the size of the team itself, but also is easy to be copied and spread.Therefore, this kind of case obviously presents the characteristics of numerous people involved in the case and huge scale of absorption of funds.Since 2018, our hospital has handled 3 illegal fund-raising cases with an amount of more than 100 million yuan, and 5 cases with an amount of more than 10 million yuan.Among them, Jiatou Group, Yang mou and others illegally absorbed public deposits, involving more than 20,000 investors, the unpaid funds amounted to 1.8 billion yuan.The appearance of illegal fund-raising is becoming more and more deceptive, and the criminal means are constantly updated. The types of illegal fund-raising are not easy to be found in the process of continuous evolution.1. Take advantage of the state’s policy to encourage financial innovation under the guise of “new economic forms of business”.For example, in the case of Jiangsu Jianxiang Ecological Co., LTD., Teng So-and-so and others illegally absorbing public deposits, the defendant unit, in the name of exploring the construction of a “new economic ecological model”, absorbed hundreds of millions of yuan of investment from unspecified people in the society, involving more than 700 participants in fund-raising.2. The crime of illegal fund-raising is covered up under the cloak of “legal” operation of the company.Although the criminal unit does not have the relevant financial business qualification, but has complete industrial and commercial, tax registration information to conceal, such as handling the sui XXX fund-raising fraud case, sui XXX to operate the company green plum essence health care products name, cover its does not have the financial qualification of the illegal fact.3. Change from creditor’s rights investment of direct fundraising in the early stage to equity investment such as private equity fund, and seek huge public property by promising high returns as bait.For example, in the case of changzhou Jialing Pharmaceutical Company and Zhang xx and other people illegally absorbing public deposits, Zhang xx and other people attracted public investment with high return on investment equity as bait, and absorbed tens of millions of funds from unspecified people in the society.The victim groups are relatively concentrated, and the five cases of illegal fund-raising mainly concluded by the elderly are characterized by family ties, friendship and other acquaintances, mutual introduction and joint investment, thus forming a phenomenon of group investment.In addition, the majority of investors are the elderly, because this group has a certain investment ability and willingness, but relatively lack of financial knowledge, the ability to prevent illegal fund-raising criminal activities.Such as handling the illegal absorption of public deposit case, the elderly proportion of more than 65%, jia investment group, Yang and others illegal absorption of public deposit case, the elderly investors account for more than half.Some old people even take out a pension, pension involved in financing, but the reality is “asymmetric, later to pay before the” illegal fund-raising personnel cannot repay the principal and finally set aside a contract the elderly can not accept money is unlikely to take back the reality, some people are so depression lead to death, and rigid relationship between part of the old man and the children burst,There are also many old people become frequent petitioners, easy to cause social contradictions that are difficult to solve.Recover stolen money or goods unlawfully taken low proportion, wan loss difficult usually illegal fund-raising cases financing activity duration is relatively long, and for the capital chain rupture or over-indebted, especially some cases occurred until the criminal on the lam, suffer the funds of the masses, or by raising funds illegally used for the production and business operation, investment, lending, or will be disbursed by illegal fund raising,This brings great difficulty to the work of recovering stolen goods.The sums involved in these cases range from millions to billions, but the amount of money recovered is far less than the actual damages.Such as the handling of the Jiatou Group, Yang and others illegal fund-raising case, after the active recovery of the public security organs, has not yet paid the amount of up to 1.8 billion yuan.Xiaobian here to remind you that illegal fund-raising is not protected by law to prevent illegal fund-raising tips “four look before you wait for a night” law four look.A look at the legality of financing, in addition to the enterprise business license, but also to see whether to obtain the relevant financial license or approved by the financial management department.Second look at the propaganda content, see whether the propaganda contains or implies “guaranteed, no risk, high yield, steady profit without loss” and other content.Third, look at the business model, whether there is any entity project, the authenticity of the project, the direction of capital investment, the way to obtain profits, etc.Fourth, whether the participants of fund-raising are mainly targeted at the elderly and other specific groups.Think again.Ask yourself if you really understand the product and the market.Second think whether the product conforms to the market rules.Think twice about whether their economic strength has the ability to resist risks.Such as the night.When it comes to investment promotion, avoid getting hot in the head. Ask your family and friends for advice and postpone your decision for one night.Do not blindly believe in publicity, acquaintance introduction, expert recommendation, do not be tempted by high interest blind investment.Avoid illegal fund-raising trap “3 want, 3 don’t” one wants reason, don’t fluke.Heaven does not fall pie, fall down is either “trap” or “trap”.To adhere to the rational bottom line, think about their understanding, comparing the risk is not big, see the income level is realistic, ask family and friends how to see, do not be gambling mentality and fluke psychology blinded eyes!Heaven does not fall pie, fall down is either “trap” or “trap”.To adhere to the rational bottom line, think about their understanding, comparing the risk is not big, see the income level is realistic, ask family and friends how to see, do not be gambling mentality and fluke psychology blinded eyes!Second, be prudent and do not take risks.High yield means high risk, but also can be an investment scam, invest once you lose everything!To reasonably assess their own ability to bear, prudently determine the willingness to take risks, not risk investment!Third, we should be vigilant and not blind.”Lucrative, attractive conditions, rare opportunities, limited places” are likely to be deceiving, must be alert, alert, alert!Keep a careful mind, never listen to the wind is rain, blindly “follow the flow” investment!First, do not easily believe the so-called high-interest “insurance”, “wealth management”, high yield means high risk.Second, do not be moved by small gifts, do not receive “return first” such as bait, remember that there is no pie.Third, financial products should be purchased through formal channels.Do not sign investment and financial management agreements with banks and insurance employees, and do not receive any receipts and ious issued by employees.Fourth, pay attention to the protection of personal information, pay attention to the risk tips of illegal fund-raising issued by government departments, and timely report and complain about suspected illegal fund-raising.Graph source network, intrusion deletion