“Beyond” Chen Mian emotional trouble people?Harm the elder sister don’t say, harm to the north Achilles tendon rupture

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“Beyond” broadcast also has a period of time, looking at the upcoming finale, the in the mind with a trace of emotion.Watching athletes desperate for the dream of winning the championship and lonely after defeat, “Beyond” shows the audience in tears.At the same time, the leading role Chen Mian is increasingly unpopular with the audience, Li Gengxi played very well, but because of the problem suffered “criticism”.The maintenance of teammates hurt the source at the beginning, we will choose to skate Chen Mian without turning back this thing feel gratified, because see the athletes on that, and Li Gengxi in the play is also very eye-catching, and “snow fierce knife line” evaluation is completely contrary, here she is quite appreciated.But as the story progresses, Chen Mian’s problems are gradually exposed, and the audience has a different view of the character.At the beginning of the heilongjiang team training, because of Luo Zhujun’s swaying heart, as well as her former teammate Shang Wei, Qingdao team and Heilongjiang team had a dispute.In order to maintain Luo Zhujun, Chen Mian interactive we go to the game, the results of the young energetic children began a contest.When the game, because of each other with a mistake, we directly hit together, Shang Wei directly fell, the body directly to the Hou Siyuan, feet directly stepped on the back of the Hou Siyuan, Hou Siyuan coma on the spot.The side of Zheng Kaixin and Chen Professionalism was directly scared silly, Chen Mian cried and ran to cover the back of the elder sister, two coaches also rushed to ambulance Hou Siyuan to first aid.In the car, Zheng Kaixin’s eyes were red.Looking at the source from childhood to the big, bear the grief and loss of the heart.Because of this, Chen Mian abnormal remorse, the audience also began to have opinions on her, this may be the “food and love to play” hate it.Chen Mian strength is not hard, such an impulsive character, also caused the aversion of some viewers.Fortunately, later did not affect the big sister into the national team, otherwise Chen Mian will be pressed on the “humiliation column”.Although in the end, she did not stay in the national team, but she has realized the dream to go to the national team, to the heart of the love of the best, Hou Siyuan with “happy coach” as a teaching assistant for Qingdao team is also very good ah.In the latest two episodes, Chen Mian followed the guidance of the coach and gradually became the main player of the national team. Although she was not qualified to play in the first line, she could only play as a substitute, but at this time her strength was already very strong.In order to obtain the qualification of the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, Li Guimin coach specially arranged Chen Mian to protect the north skating, two people together to help the national team to get the qualification of the Winter Olympics.At the beginning, Chen Mian is not willing to, because his state is very good, there is a chance to compete for the first, so she put forward a different opinion, a word to describe is “done with them”, when the bullet screen to see her a fruit in confidence, are accusing her of “blind confidence”, “gone with the wind”.However, Lee had told her in advance, I don t know what will happen this time, so we have to cooperate as a team in order to ensure stability.Originally everyone thought she listened to it, but in the evening, she talked to the north, to the north to say the sentence “if the last lap we are still one or two, you can rush the line you, you don’t deliberately let me”, Chen Mian put it in the heart.When the race, the first few laps to the north and Chen Mian play together, has been in the lead, the two have also been blocked behind the Korean players, tactics can be said to be very perfect.However, in the last lap, Chen Mian began to accelerate, trying to pass north from the inside, this time to the South Korean team left a gap, Yan Xiujing directly accelerated to catch up, approaching north, directly reached out to touch her foot, north weight imbalance, directly fell, Achilles tendon was cut.Chen and three other skaters were stymied and fell, leaving only One, South Korea’s Yan Soo-jing, to take gold.Even with her Achilles injury, Xiang remembers her coach saying that “tomorrow’s match is not only about whether the women’s team can win the first gold medal in Seoul, but also whether our national team can score enough points to qualify for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.”At the risk that she would never be able to compete again, she stood up and skated to the finish line despite the pain and fell on the ice.Watching her efforts, not only the audience in front of the TV was moved, even the screen before us, were moved by her efforts, Pikachu directly tears, I believe that at this moment the purpose of tears is not only me.It is because Chen Mian did not protect the north, so that she was injured, but also almost let the country lost the qualification to participate in the Winter Olympics, such a fact also let the audience Chen Mian more like not up, bullet screen directly criticized Chen Mian.All failures are experience, even when she went to Ask Yan later, “Do you think this is a fair competition?”As she was asked, “Are you qualified?What’s your assignment today?Ask yourself, have you secured the north?”Three words let her speechless, although Yan Xiujing’s practice is very shameful, but Chen Mian also indirectly pushed them, such a fact is also very difficult to accept.But as the coach said, “the individual can never win the team.” If Chen Mian had known earlier, maybe there would not have been so many unitary incidents.Young people make mistakes all the time, but athletes make a lot of mistakes. After all, it’s their bodies.Just because of these failures, they can understand the rules and principles of the game more and more, and their future will be better.Conclusion: Hou Siyuan eliminated after entered the Qingdao team, as a teaching assistant to continue their love, xu were blossoming out to find oneself life the new starting point, Luo Zhujun overtake on the line, her future will be how to choice also in her own hands, to the north will go abroad to study, improve self ability to wait for Chen Mian is the champion.In “Beyond”, almost all the actors are acting on the line, sha Yi and Ma Li are the most impressive. Xiang Bei is probably the most lovable athlete in the drama, both in reality and character is very good, and she had a miserable childhood, which should be the most true portrayal of athletes.Have you seen Transcendence?Who is your favorite character on the show?