Blogger pro test hematemesis recommended!All the niche menswear brands worth buying in China are here

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# What kind of clothes a man wears seems to show his growth stage.Each of these men’s clothing brands worth collecting is niche enough that it is not easy to clash with each other. They have their own advantages in style and fabric, and can also highlight their personal taste through simple wearing.1. The wearable MEGA SUEN has high fabric comfort and warm colors, which are suitable for autumn and winter.The best things to buy are cashmere coats and sweaters.It’s totally okay to wear the same style.Practical and versatile, simple and durable design, the key is good skin.2. OSENS Men’s wear, a Brand of Japanese minimalism.To black and white gray earth color system.Prices are also very affordable.Knitwear, shirts, jackets are all good.3. WP Shirakawa.It is also a designer brand that can be found on Taobao.It is very suitable for men who like Korean version and pursue texture.Cashmere coats and windbreakers are the main products in autumn and winter.The design basically follows the dress needs of Japanese and Korean men, and the color scheme is also very suitable for Asian men.Dark gray, black, different shades of earth color, minutes to enhance the texture of clothes.4, NANS men’s wear, design is more inclined to cool, the use of fabric is very thoughtful.The man who likes fashion style should not be missed.5. Sketch.We should be familiar with this, jiangnan cloth clothing under the men’s brand.From 18 to 58 years old can find ideal clothes here.The design feeling on style is conflated the concept that wears reality, low-key inside collect style is very popular with the public, add a few details that do not give cards according to common sense, break through traditional personalized design, besides the price is small expensive, other respect is very cool.6, the phase of the fabric, silk, cotton, literary sense of white shirt, vertical sense of large lapel trench coat ~ although positioned in the mature age of men, but put on immediately have the feeling of the beautiful youth, very suitable for a low-key collect quite artist atmosphere of men.What is most worth mentioning is the texture of clothes, and the skin-friendly fabric is very good.7. SOARIN independent retro original men’s wear, which is a men’s wear brand with British style and version.The effect of body modification is very good, especially suitable for small, small skeleton men, I can see that the designer in the version of a lot of effort.Retro literary atmosphere, especially texture.8, Fullmonty, with a yuppie gentleman style of business men’s wear, the version is elegant and neat, the fabric is mainly cashmere, wool, tweed, woolen, especially emphasis on the mature and stable atmosphere of the line sense, thousands of pieces wear a thousand yuan texture.What other types of men’s wear brands do you want to know?Please leave me a message