Chongqing is the biggest winner in the city night economy influence competition

2022-05-08 0 By

The results of the night economy influence evaluation of Chinese cities and counties were announced in Beijing.In the list of top 10 cities of night economy, Chongqing ranked first, Changsha second, Qingdao third, and Chengdu, which belongs to chengdu-Chongqing shuangcheng Economic circle with Chongqing, fourth.In 2021, Jiangbei District, Yuzhong District and Yongchuan District of Chongqing have been selected as the top 20 regions and counties in terms of economic influence.Yongchuan can stand out this time, to the mountain city many netizens an unexpected surprise!Chengdu, Changsha and Qingdao ranked second on the list.Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Xi ‘an and Jinan each have one district on the list.Top 10 Cities of Night Economy influence in China in 2021 (ranked by score) 1. Chongqing 2.Changsha 3. Qingdao 4. Chengdu 5. Shanghai 6. Beijing 7. Wuhan 8.Top 20 Cities and counties of Economic Influence in Tianjin 2021 (in order of score) 1. Tianxin District of Changsha 2.Chaoyang District, Beijing 3. Jiangbei District, Chongqing 4. West Coast New Area, Qingdao 5.Tianjin Hongqiao District 7. Chongqing Yuzhong District 8. Chengdu Jinjiang District 9. Nanjing Gulou District 10.Luohu District, Shenzhen 12. Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 13. Furong District, Changsha 14.Shenhe District, Shenyang 16. Yanta District, Xi ‘an 17. Chengyang District, Qingdao 18.20. Lixia District, Jinan