Deng Xiaoping’s daughter, unmarried at 30, belatedly married to a vice-minister, she is now 80

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As the saying goes, good things take time, love and marriage should not be urgent, however, with the growth of children’s age, many parents can not sit still, very anxious, very worried about their son can not marry a suitable wife or daughter does not have a good home.The problem is not only a headache for ordinary people, but also for Deng Xiaoping, the man who guided China’s economic development.Comrade Deng Xiaoping made great contributions to the construction of the country, but as a politician, Deng Gong was also a father who paid great attention to the marriage of his children.Deng Lin was one of the many sons and daughters of Deng Gong, but she was rarely seen and kept a low profile despite her special background.Deng Xiaoping, for his part, always felt he owed his daughter a great deal.In the early days of the founding of The People’s Republic of China, the revolutionary predecessors were living an optimistic life in the midst of war, and Deng Lin was born on his mother’s march.The turbulent situation meant that Deng Lin was destined to grow up without the company and care of his parents. Deng Lin was sent back to his hometown a week after his birth, and Zhuo Lin, as a mother, went to the front line of the revolution before she had time to take care of her body.In such an environment, Deng Lin grew up with difficulty. Due to the lack of mother’s care, Deng Lin was emaciated from childhood. He did not meet his mother until he was 2 years old.Deng was then sent by her mother to a nursery, where she was taken care of by professionals.Deng spent a relatively happy time in the nursery, where he met many of his peers. They supported and encouraged each other and waited for their parents to finish their work before coming to pick him up.In 1945, Deng Lin finally came back to her parents. However, due to the liberation War at that time, deng Lin had to travel around with her father and had no fixed abode. In the past three years, Deng Lin’s physical condition became worse and worse.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Deng began to recuperate, but doctors told her not to exercise too much, so Deng was confined to her room on weekdays.However, this loneliness did not defeat her. In such an environment, Deng Lin unexpectedly discovered her artistic talent, involving literature, music, painting and so on.With the support of his father, Deng Lin went to a special art school to study, and learned painting from many famous teachers. After several years, Deng Lin had already made famous achievements in the field of art, and both his appreciation and painting ability were recognized by others.As deng became more and more famous in the industry, he also held many one-man exhibitions and his career developed smoothly.However, deng Lin was always a blank in love, which made Deng Xiaoping, the father, very worried. Seeing his daughter was already 30 years old, but had not found a suitable partner, Deng Xiaoping even spoke to Chairman MAO many times about his concern.Like many parents pushing marriage these days, Deng was desperate to find a suitable match for his daughter, and he eventually introduced Wu to her.Compared with Deng Lin’s art work, Wu Jianchang is a typical man of science and technology, engaged in art research.Although two people’s work does not take the edge, but because the personality is more appropriate, did not take long to determine the love relationship and into the palace of marriage.Their wedding was very simple, as long as they invited a few friends and family to congratulate them.After marriage, Deng Lin continued to study his art career as before, while Wu Jianchang worked harder and harder than before. Finally, he was promoted to deputy ministerial level with his excellent personal ability and became a rare good official.After marriage, the couple supported each other and felt very good. Deng Xiaoping was finally relieved of his anxiety and did not have to worry about his daughter’s marriage.Deng Xiaoping’s concern about his daughter’s marriage was indeed human nature. He was worried about his daughter’s future, but he did not expect the son-in-law to come later. After marriage, he was steadfast and hardworking, and took good care of his daughter.So, it’s human nature to push people to get married, but don’t worry if you haven’t found the right person for a long time. Maybe the best arrangements are still on the way.