“Epidemic” is not allowed to refuse! Municipal “epidemic” key help channel work special class serving the masses

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“I’m in Beichen District of Tianjin now. Do I need to be quarantined when I return to Anyang during the Spring Festival?””I am a sub-contact and have been quarantined at the Inner Yellow Quarantine site for 11 days. When can I go home?””Before the epidemic, I parked my car in a parking space on the roadside, but now the community is closed and my car cannot be driven out. Could you please help coordinate it?”…………………At 8 o ‘clock on January 29, in Anyang city “epidemic” key help channel work special class service hall, the staff is answering the message of the masses one by one.From sought treatment to the transportation, from the policy advice to the complaint for help, since January 10, anyang city “epidemic” button for help channel opening, the smell its voice “invisible man” team average per person a day to reply about 100 on the phone, although work tedious, but they know that this is a common people to express public opinion to the government, reflect problems, seek help from the window,If hidden from the rear, it’s vital.They actively answered relevant policies, tried to appease the public, and always used their voice and actions to fight the epidemic side by side with the people of the city.On January 8, two nucleic acid positive cases were found in Zhuhai, turning the situation of epidemic prevention and control into a grave one.With the number of confirmed cases increasing day by day, the city has hit the “pause button” and people’s life has been affected to varying degrees, with shopping, traveling and seeing doctors becoming the focus of attention.On the morning of January 10, the city opened a help channel under the “Epidemic” button to help people with their daily life and production problems. On the same day, 30 complaints were received from the public and were quickly and effectively dealt with.”Scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code message problem, responsive”, for a time, “epidemic” key for help channel publicity posters become anyang citizens circle of friends “explosive money”.A small TWO-DIMENSIONAL code connected to the voice of the people, a head connected to the implementation of supervision.”The ‘epidemic’ key helps bridge the communication between the government and the public.By collecting messages for help from the general public, we can timely understand their concerns, answer their questions in a more targeted way, and avoid panic.”Municipal party propaganda department ideological and moral construction section chief Li Zheng said that as of 11 o ‘clock on January 29, the cumulative reception of the masses for help information 10829.Among them, the special squad directly responded to the handling of 9,065, transferred to headquarters and related county (city) district, municipal units 1,006, invalid information 758.”For policy issues, the special team will directly answer them by phone, and for requests that need to be transferred for verification and processing, the team will immediately forward them to relevant departments, follow up and implement them, and return visits and feedback, so as to ensure that every appeal from the public is answered and everything is secured.”At the same time, the special team of the “epidemic” button for help channel summarized and sorted out public comments every day, sorted out key public opinions, formed public opinion information briefings, and daily reported the epidemic prevention and control headquarters and relevant leaders to provide reference for leaders to make decisions.We have established an information sharing mechanism, proactively communicated and coordinated with county (city) districts, health, transportation and market supervision departments, kept abreast of the latest developments in epidemic prevention and control and the response plans of each department, publicized and guided authoritative information, and conveyed warmth and strength through voice.To solve the problems of the masses, there are speed and temperature “epidemic” key channel for help, and all the staff of the special class responded to every citizen’s message with dedication and love, in return for more people’s trust and thanks.On January 16, an old man suffering from heart disease in Yindu district needed long-term medicine, but the medicine at home ran out immediately, and the medicine mailed from other places was returned.Both her family and her doctor left messages on the “Epidemic” button.Wang Lianzhong, a staff member of the special class, saw the message and actively contacted the relevant staff in Yindu district to coordinate. Two hours later, the medicine was delivered to the elderly from Hebi city.On January 21, a young man from Jiaozuo left a message. On his way back to Jiaozuo, he was stranded in the city people’s Hospital because of charging his mobile phone.Unable to leave the city after lockdown, accommodation is very inconvenient.Wang Lingyan, a staff member of the special class, called him back after seeing the message. She patiently calmed his emotions while coordinating with wenfeng District epidemic prevention and control Headquarters, and finally the young man left safely.”If there is an elderly person at home with mobility difficulties, can medical staff come to the home for nucleic acid testing?””Have contacted your community to make an appointment to register, rest assured!””I am about to give birth and need to go to a maternity center for a pregnancy check-up, but my private car is not allowed on the road. I hope you can help me coordinate the process.””Emergency taxi has been contacted to pick you up, don’t worry!”A sentence of “rest assured” can make the appeals of the masses timely handled and warmly responded to ensure that the panic and anxiety of the masses can be effectively alleviated in the special period, and the masses can feel at ease and warm their hearts at the same time.”I fight against time with my voice in front of the phone every day. The most gratifying thing is to see citizens’ recognition of our work in the ‘problem description’ column. A word of ‘thank you’ is enough to dispel all the fatigue.””Wang lingyan said.She is a teacher at Yinlu Primary School. January 29 was the 19th day she worked in the service hall of the “epidemic” key help channel in Anyang city.She walked down from the platform, put on a volunteer vest, combed the messages left by citizens one by one, and called back the feedback phone one by one. Even though she had answered the same answer hundreds of times, she was still gentle and patient with different seekers.Going out in the stars and coming home in the moonlight, she worked round the clock to make her throat red and inflamed, but in order not to be “invited out” of the team, she quietly concealed her illness.”The physical problems are nothing. The only thing I worry about is my mother-in-law, who can’t use her legs, taking care of her 1-month-old son alone at home.”And anning said, in the face of the epidemic, father-in-law active sinking line on duty, her husband to help build tangyin square cabin isolation point, as a party member, she should be in the front.My mother-in-law smiled at me and said, Go ahead, I am at home.”The support of my family fills me with strength and strengthens my confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.”Anning and fighting side by side with the city’s Yinlu primary school all party volunteers.Since January 11, the party member volunteer service team led by Zhao Yunjie, principal of Yinlu Primary School, has resolutely joined the battle against COVID-19. With their mission in mind and responsibility on their shoulders, they have responded to the public’s concerns and answered their questions in a timely manner with gentle and concise language and standardized and efficient procedures.”The message of the masses involves all aspects, although some things are very small, but for us, every phone can not be neglected, because the image of the department, the government’s public trust in our question and answer between.””The epidemic is not over yet, and we will do our best to protect people’s lives,” Zhao said.