Five female stars who were hurt by cheating and philandering men, some sued for custody, others gave huge divorce payouts

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Gloria yip, joey wong 17 edit | | – travel lane “cheat philandering feelings man” two words, let a person see word ordinary people fear of shun, and seemingly high above the female stars can be the fate of the fool.In addition to being cheated of money, there are many stars experienced by “marriage” “cheated color” sad situation.Not only sincerely wrong pay, and lost a lot of silver, can not help but let a person some feeling.Today, let’s take a look at some of the female celebrities who have been victimized by men who cheat and play with women’s feelings.Xu Qing was born in 1969 in Beijing into a scholarly family.At the age of 11, she starred in Armor 008, which was a great success.Childhood of this electric shock, let “be actor” became small Xu Qing deep buried in the heart of a seed.In order to pursue her dream, Xu Qing came to Beijing Film Academy to study in the acting department, officially began her career as an actress.Because of outstanding appearance, xu Qing got a lot of famous guide resources, including Chen Kaige among them.In 1990, Chen Kaige made an offer to her, co-starring with popular actor Huang Lei in a new production called Walking and Singing.With the wonderful performance in the film, pure and amorous feelings coexist xu Qing fire.Then she starred in The Ribs of the Imperial City, Sunrise from the East and Rain from the West, which helped her gain fame and establish her status as an A-list actress.But the old saying is good, beauty’s side never lack of man, Xu Qing is no exception.After entering the circle, Xu Qing spreads the gossip with Chen Kaige, You Yong, Liu Zhiwen successively, but probably is the fate did not arrive, these a few feelings did not come finally.Until 1997, Xu Qing ushered in a section of evil fate.At that time, Xu qing was invited to attend a friend’s party. At this party, she got to know liu Bo, a rich man who is also a PhD student in the philosophy department of Peking University.Rich and talented men like that are rare!After a conversation, Xu Qing was attracted by Liu Bo’s wit and humor, and Liu Bo could not resist xu Qing’s charm, and launched a fierce offensive.Whenever Xu was filming, Liu would accompany her, either cooking breakfast, serving tea and pouring water, and doing all the assistant’s work.As long as Xu Qing turned around, she could see Liu Bo smiling tenderly.In addition to physically expressing his love for Xu Qing, Liu Bo is also lavish in material matters.After sending shoes, clothes and luxuries, Xu Qing soon fell into the sweet trap woven by Liu Bo.However, Liu Bo, who was already married at that time, abandoned his wife and daughter in order to be together with Xu Qing legitimately, only to have a romantic relationship with the beauty.However, how sweet it was at the time, how tragic the final outcome was.Although Liu Bo’s appearance scenery, money such as water, daughter dispersed only in order to fight beauty a smile.But in fact, Liu Bo’s financial situation is not optimistic, the deficit is not like.In order to make ends meet, he had to rob Peter to pay Paul and maintain the appearance of wealth.But the paper does not pack fire after all, Liu Bo’s crime was exposed by the media.It turned out that Liu Bo had defaulted on loans to several banks, and his debts had accumulated to 4 billion yuan, which was far from the rich man he created, and he was a complete liar.Xu Qing helplessly looking at intimate male friend to become “false rich”, in the heart have mixed feelings, not taste very much.And Liu Bo’s doings, more deeply stung xu Qing’s heart.After the incident, Liu Bo did not take into account his girlfriend, even without an explanation, but a ticket directly fled to Japan, and Xu Qing broke off contact.Since experienced by Liu Bo “cheat color” after the thing, Xu Qing comes out with respect to rare peach news.Now 50 years old she still choose to be single, I’m afraid is hurt too deep.Dong Lifan was born in 1964 into an ordinary family.Because of her parents’ bad feelings, she never felt the taste of family happiness during her childhood.Perhaps because his family is not very harmonious, Dong Lifan has been longing for a warm and happy home.As long as someone carefully take care of themselves, it will get her 100 percent trust.Such a principle of dealing with things, in the near future to make her suffer.As Dong grew up, her talent for acting became apparent.In an amateur performance, she was full of aura shenyang Song and Dance troupe income, began to tour the country.As the stage experience gradually rich, Dong Lifan began to seek a bigger stage, a bite, when the north drift family.When she first came to Beijing, she was a stranger in every place.It was then that she fell in with a man.The man was gentle and kind, but also very considerate. Knowing that she had no place to live in Beijing, he helped her rent a cheap house.And help her buy furniture and daily necessities, finally help her set up a home in Beijing.Dong Lifan sees the man’s every move in his eyes and warms his heart.Before long, two people naturally went together, the man also became Dong Lifan’s first love.In the early days, the man is a model boyfriend who takes care of everything.So much so that she almost obeyed her boyfriend and never suspected anything.Suddenly one day, her boyfriend prevaricate, seems to have something to discuss with her.Dong Lifan asked, just learned her boyfriend business, capital turnover is not open, want to borrow money from her.Looking at her boyfriend’s sincere eyes, Dong Lifan did not think much about it. She gave her boyfriend the only fifty thousand yuan she had at hand and said generously: Take it first, I can’t think of anything more.But she did not expect is that the man after taking the money, directly put on another face, with money overnight run, simply disappeared from the world.No matter how Dong Lifan searched, he could not find a trace of footprints.Every time he thought of this, Dong Lifan could not help but shed tears.Cheated by her first love, Dong Lifan lost all faith in love and is still unmarried at the age of 58.Chia Ching-wen was born in Taiwan in 1974.In 1990, at the age of 16, Chia, who was becoming increasingly beautiful, was discovered by a talent scout as she walked down the street.Later, due to the change of her father’s job, Jia Jingwen’s family moved back to the mainland. With her dream of becoming a star, jia was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy and began to systematically study acting.It took nearly seven years for Chia to finally get her chance to hit the big time.In 1997, her role in “Four Little Daughter” saw its ratings rise and she won the Golden Bell Award for Best Newcomer.From then on, Chia’s career as an actress went smoothly.In particular, Zhao Min in “Lean on the Sky and Slay the Dragon” made her career come to the peak.When luck is greatest, bad luck will follow.In a party, Jia Jingwen met sun Zhihao, a rich second generation.In order to pursue Jia Jingwen, Sun disguised himself as a nice guy to win her trust.During the exchange, Sun Zhihao to its meticulous, waiting in Jia Jingwen’s side, as the role of flower messenger.Jia Jingwen also gets along for a long time, fell in love with this man naturally, very soon two people ushered in the crystallization of love.She was allowed to marry Sun only six months after the birth of her child.Jia Jingwen was also immersed in joy and did not think that her nightmare had just begun.After marriage, Sun Zhihao simply came to a 180 degree u-turn, the former considerate has long disappeared, playboy nature gradually revealed.Either frequented high-end clubs to pick up girls, or played with young models, in and out of hotels.More excessive is, in jia Jingwen production one day before, Sun Zhihao is still derailed tender model, regardless of the wife is about to give birth.Jia Jingwen has been kept in the dark after knowing the truth, unbearable to divorce.Sun Zhihao can play a rogue, directly with young Wutong sister went abroad.The Jia Jingwen that cannot find a daughter prepares to taste the bitterness that misses, but under can expose sun Zhihao to media only all sorts of abominable act, seek help with this.With the involvement of the media, Jia Jingwen’s divorce lawsuit did not go much smoothly.The two sides showed their cards to each other and tore it apart for a whole year. Finally, Jia Jingwen paid her husband’s family 26 million yuan and the divorce farce came to an end.Jia Jingwen with personal experience: marry rich family need to be careful ah!Zhang Yuqi was born in 1978 with a cry.She is a beauty since childhood, in 2002 by Stephen Chow signed into the flag.Four years later, chow thought of the beautiful newcomer when he was preparing his new film cj7 and asked her to play the role of a teacher.Zhang Yuqi also gained popularity because of her wonderful performance in the film.Later, “Mermaid”, “Demon Cat biography”, “Ghost blow the lamp” series broadcast, for Zhang Yuqi’s career add firewood add fire, the national degree to a higher level.At the same time, zhang Yuqi’s emotional life is not so smooth sailing.After parting ways with Wang Xiaofei, Wang Quan ‘an, she thinks the test of destiny will come to an end here originally, did not think of the Yuan Ba yuan that encountered legerdemain marriage however.Yuan Bayuan has been packaging himself to be flawless, living in luxury houses, driving yachts, spending money without blinking, is simply a bachelor.Immersed in the false prosperity created by Yuan Bayuan, Zhang Yuqi met 70 days later, then received the certificate.Haven’t had time to deeply understand the two people get married in such a hurry, the final result can be imagined.In the early stage of marriage, Yuan bayuan can still pretend, but as time goes on, it is inevitable that something will be revealed.Unintentionally, Zhang Yuqi found that the marriage house where two people live is actually he rented, after the lie was uncovered, yuan Bayuan’s economic situation was also put on the table, no longer hide.Yuan Bayuan in addition to the luxury of water, even private planes, yachts are all rented.Besides, there are tens of millions of dollars in arrears and only 20 million dollars in current assets.Deeply cheat zhang Yuqi and Yuan Ba Yuan made a big, then cut the tangle, announced its divorce.Although Zhang Yuqi has escaped the clutches of Yuan Bayuan, but she lost a lot in this marriage.Paid all sincerity not only, still give birth to two children for the man that cheat dudes with female affection, the Zhang Yuqi that holds non person really lets a person have some distressed.5 Yunyi ye with the front several actresses compared to yunyi ye can be said to be the heaven of the girl.In China, people call her and Zhou Huimin and called the jade lady;Her popularity is even higher in neighboring countries such as Japan and South Korea. Japanese magazines say she is a world-class beauty comparable to Audrey Hepburn, Brooke Sanders and Sophie Marceau.Her entertainment career has been smooth, Eric Tsang, Jackie Chan, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Anita Mui and other big names who have worked with her, all like her very much.It can be said that before meeting Chen Baihao, a man who cheated and played with women’s feelings, set pure, lovely, sweet Ye Yunyi, has been the little princess in the hearts of countless people.Yip Yunyi was born in Hong Kong in 1973 in an ordinary family. Her father was a worker, and her mother did not have a formal job.The family’s life is not rich, but also happy.In 1986, Ye Yunyi was the star scout excavation, began to take advertising.Her pure appearance and innocent eyes, almost conquered everyone.Of course, Ye Yunyi began to enter the entertainment industry development.Ye yunyi’s first film was “The Husband of Jealousy”.Although the film received only modest reviews, it was directed and starred by renowned Hong Kong director Wong And also starred a series of well-known actors including Chung Chu-hung.It can be said that the play let Ye Yunyi harvest a lot of contacts.The following year, Ms. Yip worked on a Hong Kong-Japan co-production of ‘The Peacock Prince.’The film still didn’t make a splash in Hong Kong, but it made her a hit in Japan and South Korea.She was awarded as the first “Most Popular Foreign Actress of the Year” by Japan’s “ROADSHOW” magazine and the “Most Popular Foreign Actress of 90 Years in Korea”.After Yip Yun-yee’s fame spread, Hong Kong’s entertainment industry could no longer ignore her.In 1989, Chan got there first, and Yuni Raya made Miracle.Then in 1991 with Aaron Kwok in the Return of the Condor Heroes, 1993 with Lin Zhiying nerve Knife and the Flying Cat.Ye Yunyi cooperation, all is not the big man in the circle.Lin Zhiying called her “the first love” and pursued her hard for three years.In addition to the insiders, of course, many of the rich children outside the circle, yunyi also favor add.Among them, there will be ye Yunyi cheat money cheat color deception playing with women’s feelings of man – Chen Bohao.Chan Pak Ho, was one of the three toy Kings in Hong Kong, the appearance is also handsome.Even if ye Yunyi did not see him at the beginning, but in his unremitting tender feelings, sugar-coated shells, Ye Yunyi also fell soon.And this is a lifetime of nightmares.It’s true that Chen Bohao is rich, but he’s a mama’s boy.In other words, in the Chen family, he Chen Bo Hao does not say, Chen Bo Hao’s mother is the real person.Chen Bohao’s mother did not look yun Yi ye, for a long time, Chen Bohao will see yun Yi which not pleasing to the eye.Not only that, he also around with flowers, in Ye Yunyi pregnancy derailed, finally went home to the children with Ye Yunyi is ignored.Even Chen mother in his face to humiliate Ye Yunyi, the deception playing with women’s feelings of men are blind.Ye Yunyi do not understand, this marriage to their own such as beads such as treasure man, how to change the heart so quickly?In fact, if a man has a change of heart, there is not so much why.If the feelings were hurt, Ye Yunyi for the children, can also endure, but the Chen family is too much.Chen Father Chen mother did not allow Ye Yunyi social, shooting advertisements, Chen Bohao in Ye Yunyi gave birth to the second, and insult Ye Yunyi said the child was an accident, let Ye Yunyi can not stand fuck off, outside the woman lined up to marry him.Finally helpless Ye Yunyi, had to divorce.And this marriage, also is not she want to leave can leave, but for the help of Zeng Zhiwei, Ye Yunyi also don’t know how much suffering.In 2000, Ye Yunyi divorced Chen Bohao, she was out of the house, Chen Bohao has not given her a penny of alimony, even declared bankruptcy to escape.After divorce Yunyi ye often live beyond their means, can only struggle with the children.Some people may want to ask, ye Yunyi before taking the money?Doesn’t she have any savings?The answer to this question is probably to ask Chen Bohao, but Chen Bohao will never give a correct answer.The man still refused to admit, he with Yunyi ye marriage came to an end, is the reason for his family.He just poured dirty water to Yunyi ye again and again, even said, two divorce, because Yunyi ye desire is too strong, he could not bear.This accusation, for a female star, is undoubtedly fatal.Fortunately, several ups and downs, now Ye Yunyi finally regained confidence smile.She studied art and writing.In 2015, her book won the Hong Kong Golden Reading Award.She may have finally learned that most of the time, love is just a dream.More words “I raise you”, also better to raise their own.Whether man or woman, a man must learn to depend on himself.He is only strong when he is strong himself.After reading today’s inventory, I don’t know whose experience do you feel the most?