Hangzhou New Oriental employment students how?Listen to what businesses say?

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Chinese parents attach great importance to education, especially under the education diversion this year. For those parents whose academic performance is not outstanding and who want their children to find another way out and learn a professional skill, how to choose a vocational school suitable for their children’s long-term development is a headache they are facing this year.For parents, the ultimate purpose of choosing to send their children to vocational schools is to ensure that their children can have a reliable and good job after graduation and no longer have to worry about finding a job everywhere.So the word “employment” is crucial to them.”As hangzhou New Oriental school-enterprise cooperation unit, from cutting, to cold dishes, hearth…..Many important positions in the kitchen of Zhiweiguan are held by students who graduated from Hangzhou New Oriental Cooking School.They are dedicated to their work and play an important role in their daily work.”Hong Lijun, Administrative Director of Hangzhou Wasabi Home, a school-enterprise cooperation unit, said, “They grow up very fast. No matter what they do, they are very serious and in place. The leadership of our company speaks highly of the students from Hangzhou New Oriental.In them, we can see the drive and pursuit of young people, and also see the practicality and dedication of young people in this era.We are willing to provide more development platforms for young people who work hard. In the future, we hope that more students will join us to realize their life goals.”University-enterprise cooperation unit, across the lake floor restaurant group, hangzhou xianghu lake small hidden hotel general manager Xia Hailiang “hangzhou new Oriental students comprehensive quality and professional skill level is very good, work steadfast, have bear hardships and stand hard work, at the same time learn spirit, since induction, now they have on the job fully able to acquire the.”It is understood that Fang Ming, currently working in Hangzhou Kuahulou Group, has become a reserve cadre of the enterprise by virtue of his excellent performance after entering the company. As for the Alma mater, we affirm and recognize their excellence, and hope that students in the school can take their seniors as an example and learn from excellence.University-enterprise cooperation unit – lung poly catering group administration manager Tang Yuming “since university-enterprise cooperation, your university has been constantly for my company has cultivated a large number of cuisine talents, hangzhou new Oriental school students have a solid professional theoretical knowledge, skilled professional hands-on ability, exquisite professional technology, as well as the working spirit, bears hardships and stands hard workWe welcome graduates from Hangzhou New Oriental to work in our company.”A group of students by virtue of professional teachers’ careful guidance and their own efforts to practice a good skills, out of the campus, shining in their respective posts.Our school will continue to work hard to improve the quality of teaching, and at the same time, continue to explore partners and strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, to provide better employment opportunities for our students and help them to work.