Left Shanghai to zhejiang rural New Year, six years later, what happened?

2022-05-08 0 By

Remember 6 years ago, with children and husband, and living in the UK sister family, set out from Shanghai to Zhejiang home for the Spring Festival scene……At that time, my grandmother was still alive, my family lived in Shanghai, and my sister’s family settled in the UK. It was not easy to get together for the Spring Festival once we went back. We bought and set off fireworks, ate and drank at relatives’ houses in turn.Six years have passed, because of the epidemic, my sister’s family in the UK can not normally return to China, 2 years did not come back, this year the domestic epidemic improved, with their parents back to Zhejiang for the Spring Festival, very happy……On The morning of January 30, I packed up my things and drove back to Zhejiang directly from Shanghai. Although the weather was not good, I felt very beautiful all the way.After getting home, your family and relatives, booking hotels, booking banquet, each very polite to us, for a long time not so lively, in addition to eating and drinking during the Spring Festival, is to enjoy the scenery, the most important is also can set off fireworks, in Shanghai are prohibited fireworks (also can not buy, can not set off within the outer ring).