National football team lost the reason exposure!Vietnam has more than 100 times the number of youth training than the National football team, and parents refuse to throw mud

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China’s national football team suffered an unprecedented 3-1 loss to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, successfully treating the country’s fans to a special day and handing out festive gifts to their Vietnamese counterparts.The loss was the first time China had lost to Vietnam in official competition, setting an embarrassing record for itself but also giving Vietnam confidence in its rise to become one of the few teams in Asia who can reliably win.As Fan Zhiyi predicted a few years ago, I’m afraid no team can lose.The defeat of China’s national football team is no accident. While Vietnam’s football is developing rapidly, China’s football has been stagnant or even regressed.The Prime minister of Vietnam came to the game and handed out red envelopes to the players after winning the game, but we could not even win the home ground, let alone we will have other aspects to pay attention to football.The importance of football in both countries can be seen.There are many reasons for the loss of national football team. The national football team played nervously and made mistakes frequently. The head coach Li Xiaopeng made mistakes in tactics.In addition, the strength of the National football team and the strength of the Vietnamese team is now really the same, so on the surface of this defeat belongs to the inevitable result.Of course, there are many deeper reasons for the loss, such as the importance of football in both countries, various decision-making mistakes of the FOOTBALL association, the poor popularity of football and the hardware facilities, etc., all contributed to China’s historic first loss to Vietnam.The root cause of the loss was that we played far less football than Vietnam, which brings us back to the same old question, can’t we find 11 of our 1.4 billion people who can play football?Why Vietnam with a population of nearly 100 million?The problem really comes down to the soccer population.After the team’s loss to the Vietnam, the domestic famous football professionals said zhang lu4 in domestic football career training children only about 5000 people, at the same time, huang jianxiang added Vietnam this number is 600000, the Vietnam youth population is more than we more than 100 times, under the base of such a large, Vietnam football yield significantly higher than us,In other words, Vietnamese football is on a rapid rise, while we are either flat or falling, and we will continue to be suppressed by Vietnam in the future.Under such circumstances, if the National football team wins against Vietnam, it is a great injustice to Vietnam, where football has been properly developed.So why is our football population so low? A lot of times people in the football industry are willing to put it down to parents not wanting to send their kids to play.As a football fan and a parent of a child, I combine the two identities to analyze it. If IT were me, I would not like to send my child to play football, although I love The National football team very much. What I want to say is how much does it cost for Vietnamese children to play football and become successful, and how much do we need to spend?Many domestic football industry insiders have revealed how difficult it is for a child to enter a professional team and play. The investment in football is much higher than that in the normal college entrance examination, and the return is obviously more stable by taking the learning route.Therefore, if the National football team wants to be better, it needs to start from the foundation. How to play the foundation well, it needs more children to play football.Want parents to send their children to play football, or the economic level up, do not need children in the school to roll, or the upper level of football more attention, so that it is no longer difficult to play football, only in this way, our football has a good possibility.