Net spread Chinese women’s volleyball team 43 training list!Zhu Ting Zhang Changning failed, Liaoning unexpectedly 7 people shortlisted

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The new Chinese women’s volleyball team will be in training camp in ningbo beilun, starting this month 16 days, the Chinese society platoon 71 talent into the Treasury announced national team list, according to previously released by the national standard and national team personnel inventory list of players can join in ningbo beilun training base for training camp activities, considering some reality,It is obviously unrealistic for everyone to participate in training camp activities.Chinese society platoon recently issued a report about the women’s volleyball team’s training camp activities notice, notice, points out that work for the national women’s volleyball training camp as in 10, in accordance with the notice requirements, in combination with the practical application situation of training camp, audited determine the camp staff, please notified the players, coaches, timely report to the ningbo beilun training base.From this, it can be seen that the players who participate in the training camp are selected after screening, not just those who enter the talent pool list can participate in the training camp.Which players will participate in the upcoming women’s volleyball national team training camp?Recently, there was a list of 43 players for the Chinese Women’s Volleyball team to attend the training camp on the Internet. In the list, all the players with outstanding performance in the Super League this season were selected, including Yao Di, Li Yingying, Diao Linyu and Gong Xiangyu.In addition, wu Mengjie, Wang Yifan, Wang Yandi, Xu Jiannan and other newcomers who performed well in the league also appeared in the training camp roster. It can be said that these 43 players almost include most of the outstanding players in the current domestic women’s volleyball field. The performance of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball team in the next few years mainly depends on the efforts of these players.The list is persuasive in the sense that the main players of the national teams for the next two or three Olympic cycles will come from these 43.Tianjin: Li Yingying, Yao Di, Wang Yuanyuan, Wang Yizhu, Meng Zixuan jiangsu: Gong Xiangyu, Diao Linyu, Ni Fanfei, Wu Mengjie, Wu Han Guangdong: Chen Peiyan, Li Yao, Yu Jiarui, Wang Yifan, Zhejiang: Zhu Yuezhou, Liu Jie, Zeng Jieya, Chen Xiyue Sichuan: Miu Yiwen, Wang Yuqing, LiaoningDing Xia, XU Jiannan, DUAN Fang, HU Mingyuan, SUN Haiping, SUN Xiaoxuan, LIU Yan Han, Shanghai: Gao Yi, Wang Yindi, Xu Xiaoting, Wang Weiyi, Shandong: Wang Mengjie, Yang Hanyu, Du Qingqing, Che Wenhan, Sun Jie, CAI Yaqing, Henan: Zhang Zihan, Han Wenya, Qin Yaowei, Fujian: Zheng Yixin, Zhuang Yushan, Chongqing:Yuan xinyue can be seen from the network list, The Chinese women’s volleyball team captain Zhu Ting and the main attack position of zhang Changning are not included in the training camp list.Rio Olympics, Chinese women’s volleyball team captain twila MVP has not been named on the list of training camp is expected, twila because the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the wrist injury recurrence, and missed the last two games in the group stage, Chinese women’s volleyball team thus failing to qualify from group, since this is the Chinese women’s volleyball team to take part in the Olympic Games get the worst result, twila wrist injury needs to be done by surgery,But since the Tokyo Olympic Games end, without any progress about our twila wrist injury surgery, surgery twila what do you want to still an open question, in this case, the twila miss the team’s training camp, in fact, there is not a big surprise, twila surgery even now, she also needs to be at least 6 months or more time to rest.Zhang changning has been absent from the super League this season due to surgical treatment. It is not known how Zhang Changning is at present. It should be said that CAI Bin, the head coach of the National Team, has the best knowledge of zhang Changning’s current situation.Zhang Changning out the specific reason for the national women’s volleyball team training camp activities we also unknown, but absent from Zhang Changning camps, Zhang Changning future remains to be seen whether to continue the volleyball career, after news after the Tokyo Olympic Games Zhang Changning will marry and have children, in fact it is not impossible.However, the list after all is the Internet spread out of the news, Zhang Changning as reported absence from the national team training camp activities is still unknown.If Zhu Ting and Zhang Changning are absent from this year’s international volleyball competition, The Chinese women’s volleyball team will face a huge test.From the distribution of 43 players, tianjin and Jiangsu women’s Volleyball, the champions and runners-up of the SUPER League this season, are not the most selected local teams. Liaoning Women’s Volleyball, which is back to the top four of the Super League this season, and Shandong Women’s Volleyball, whose performance in the Super League this season has been questioned, are the most selected teams, among which seven of Liaoning women’s Volleyball are selected.This includes the season on behalf of the tianjin women’s volleyball team in the row of super league liu yan, lang ping coaching the national team regular Ding Xia, segment and others are all included, but the number of the liaoning women’s volleyball team although there are many, but whether they will stay in the national team is still unknown, 43 people team really is too big, after all, eliminate some players are unavoidable.Although shandong women’s volleyball team in recent seasons in a row in the super league performance, but they still have as many as six were selected, Wang Mengjie, Yang Hanyu, du clear three were familiar star for the fans, and Cai Yaqian, sun jie and car from wenhan also are very familiar with the star, but it is a pity that lang ping value MeiXiaoHan failed to enter the national team training camp activities.We hope they can show themselves in the national team training camp and make contributions to the glory of The Chinese women’s volleyball Team.