Status quo of “Top Liu Love Dou” : No representative works, fans can see the “big and famous”

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Thanks to the rise of idol talent shows in recent years, the entertainment has a large number of young artists caught up with the wind, very popular for a while.Sadly, however, most of the flow of love beans on the surface of the fire in a complete mess, high heat, many fans, award-winning network awards.In fact, the basic skills are not very good, can not take a decent work, but no popular masterpiece.In the final analysis, artists rely on their works to speak, only in the eyes of fans “popular”, can not go long, also can not be on the big stage.In 2018, CAI made his debut on the reality show Idol Trainee, ranking the first C in total votes, and became the captain of NINE PERCENT. He also participated in The second season of You Are Young and The Fourth Season of Running. In less than four years after his debut, CAI became popular across the country.With more than 36 million followers on Weibo, he is generally included in the top Stream of love Beans.In music, CAI has won many awards, such as the most inspiring singer and the most influential singer-songwriter of the year at the 2020TMEA Music Festival.The best Male Singer and the most popular Male Singer in Mainland China in 2020.However, when it comes to representative works, apart from CAI’s legion of fans, his works are unknown to the general audience.His performance of “Just Because You’re So Beautiful” combined basketball and dancing, which was a bit eye-watering.CAI’s basketball skills were ridiculed online, and his role as the NBA’s ambassador for the New Year was also controversial.CAI’s album Fans, released in April 2021, has sold an astonishing 80 million copies by the end of August.But six songs remain unreleased, lawyers point out;”CAI’s side failed to clearly inform or inform consumers on the sale page that the product will be charged before payment, and its behavior will be suspected of violating the law.”After being exposed, CAI xukun’s side urgently put all the songs of the album on the shelves and made a public apology. However, the album’s songs are not only delayed, but also of surprising quality.Most people think that the quality of the songs is not good enough for the fans to wait for time and spend money, so CAI was ridiculed as “high credit spokesperson” and his reputation plummeted.When fan Chengcheng is mentioned by popular idol, many people may not know him, but when it comes to “Fan Bingbing’s brother”, everyone will suddenly see the light.Fan Chengcheng was born in 2000. He studied in the United States and then went to South Korea to become a trainee.In 2018, he won the third place in “Idol Trainee” and became a member of boy band NINE PERCENT. Later, he appeared in “Running Man Season 2” and “Around the Young Season 2” and other variety shows.Fan Chengcheng is a very popular artist with nearly 25 million followers on weibo.Ordinary people have to work hard for years before becoming famous, but Fan Cheng – cheng took a shortcut.His performance in Idol Trainee was good but not amazing, and he was under a lot of pressure from netizens. On stage, he choked up and admitted that he did not want to rely on his sister, but wanted to be recognized by others with his own strength.Fan Chengcheng’s works have not been well known to the public since his debut.In the past two years, he has appeared in Several online dramas such as “Soul Zone”, “You on my Left Shoulder” and “Fatal Wish”.However, fan Chengcheng, who has been transformed into an actor, is not well received, and his acting skills still need to be refined and improved.Born in 2002, Huang minghao became a member of NINE PERCENT after finishing fourth in the 2018 finale of Idol Trainee.Huang Minghao’s basic singing and dancing skills and stage performance are good. However, due to the age limit and the company’s poor performance, he had little time to settle himself after his debut, so he gradually moved to the road of “variety show”.It currently has nearly 25 million followers on Weibo.Less than four years after her debut, she took part in some well-known variety shows such as Running Man Season 2, Happy Camp, Superstar Detective Season 6, And Extreme Challenge Season 7.As for the music, most netizens were not impressed.While his peers are still enjoying campus life, Huang minghao faces great pressure from work.In a variety show “Look at My Life” in 2020, Huang complained about the sudden increase in work: “If you push me again, I want to run away.When all one does is sleep and work, you don’t collapse.”He has also said that many of his scheduled music releases have been delayed due to the non-stop recording of the show.Lack of professional teacher guidance, daily involuntarily high intensity long hours of work, busy but not grow, coupled with frequent harassment by illegitimate food, it all makes huang Minghao less than 20 years old mentally and physically exhausted.Born in 1995, Wu Xuanyi made her debut with the group Universe Girls in 2016. In 2018, she took part in the girl group growth reality show Creation 101 and won the second place in her debut.It has accumulated nearly 25 million followers in more than three years.However, Wu Xuanyi in “Creation 101” after the development of the general, there is no representative work said, but also often because of clothing problems and confused speech by netizens ridicule.Debut shortly after a period of time, Wu Xuanyi often laughed at by the net friend to wear take a style, not only did she not accept change their opinions, call on weibo back Dui netizen “xiao-gang wu”, commented on the variety “you said I, that I deliberately”, is also wise to conclude “is a female artist, good-looking, will be the black”.Wu xuanyi also said on the program that she drank up to eight cups of milk tea a day, and liked drinking milk tea because she was anaemic. After that, she was criticized by the Doctor of Dingxiang that “adding sugar may not help anemia much.”So Wu xuanyi was either ignorant, mistaking low blood sugar for anemia, or lying to get sympathy.Later, perhaps sensing that she was not likeable and felt aggrieved, she posted on weibo that “girls in this circle are not treated well, so we should protect ourselves.”This thought oneself can get the net friend comfort, the result did not expect the net friend thinks she has no representative work can go on the program to get gold is not satisfied, one after another scold her “retreat circle, daily salary million is not treated well, Wu Xuanyi really have you”, have to say Wu Xuanyi’s emotional intelligence is really worrying ah.Due to a long time without representative work, the topic # Wu Xuanyi 27 years old status # hot search, many netizens questioned her “in addition to the appearance level is really nothing to show.”Wu Xuanyi in the “Douluo mainland” “World dust in” and other network drama, I hope Wu Xuanyi in the New Year will make persistent efforts to launch good works to prove themselves.Conclusion flow is a “double-edged sword”. On the one hand, it represents the high popularity and heat, but it also causes the artist to pay no attention to the development of their own business ability.Youth is a valuable asset, but you can’t eat it forever.More quality works, is the king of long-term development in the entertainment industry.– This article is original, unauthorized reproduction is strictly prohibited, infringement will be corrected.