The four actors in the model opera have a good hand: Hong Xuefei, Qi Shufang, Yu Huiyong and Du Jinfang

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Model operas and revolutionary modern operas were the product of the ten-year Cultural Revolution. During the decade, many excellent plays were created and arranged, and it was precisely because of the creation and arranged of these plays that made many people famous. Today, xiaobian will talk about the leading roles of these model operas.As a matter of fact, there have been a lot of controversies and even objections about the model operas and revolutionary modern operas, which are nothing more than the era in which the model operas and revolutionary modern operas live and the “three outstanding” principles followed when they were created.Although these plays were produced in a special era, their artistic value cannot be extinguished because of this. These plays are not the achievement of one person, but behind them are the silent efforts of many literary and artistic workers.Therefore, we should treat model operas and revolutionary modern operas dialectically and not completely deny them. It is wrong to do so, and we should not belittling these operas with personal subjective consciousness like Mr. Ba Jin.Hong Xuefei Hong Xuefei is a famous performance artist of Peking Opera and Kunqu opera. He once worked in the Northern Kunqu Opera Theater, but later transferred to the Beijing Opera Theater for the creation of the model opera.Hong Xuefei teacher actually plays “Hong Xuefei” pressure is very big, because before this already had ding is e, Zhao Yanxia, Liu Xiurong a few opera masters had played this role.But Teacher Hong Xuefei played this role very successful, and then after the end of the special era Teacher Hong returned to the Kunqu Theatre, but unfortunately in a cave show to Xinjiang in a car accident left!Qi Shufang Qi Shufang is a famous Peking Opera actress. She once worked for the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater and played the role of “Little Chang Bao” in the taking of Tiger Mountain.Qi Shufang was a Peking Opera performer after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It can also be said that the Taking of Tiger Mountain made her famous later.But later qi Shufang and more than 30 people went to the United States to perform unexpectedly without any warning to stay in the United States, this move made the Shanghai Peking Opera Very passive, called it “defection” at that time.Yu Huiyong is a famous musician in Hui Yong. He has been the vocal design and music design of “The Taking of Tiger Mountain”, “Cuckoo Mountain” and other dramas.Yu Hui yong it is really a great talent, his artistic ability is really the peak, but it is a pity that later took lysu water to leave.Du Jinfang was a famous Peking Opera artist. He was a member of the Mei School and studied under the famous Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang.Du Jinfang teacher singing traditional opera is really good, both voice, dress is excellent.But du was so close to the flag man that the flag man gave her a role as Wu Qinghua in the Peking Opera the Red Detachment of Women.Unfortunately, Du jinfang’s age makes her more unsuitable for the role, and the play has become one of the least noticed plays of all time.In fact, there are many outstanding characters in the model Peking Opera and revolutionary modern opera, such as the mountain carving played by He Yonghua.He learned drama at the age of 11, work frame zihua, has been shang heyu and other famous experts, long-term and Zhou Xinfang, Li Yulu, Tong Zhiling and other artists to cooperate in performance, shaping many successful stage art image.His mountain carving in the modern Peking Opera The Taking of Tiger Mountain has become a stage classic and won praise from the audience.(Disclaimer: this article content is love traditional youth original, shall not be reproduced without authorization, some pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.)