Thoughts on life education

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Everyone has only one life, but life education is an eternal topic, an endless topic.In our traditional culture, we are relatively taboo on the topic of life and death, especially when children are young, they will try to avoid contact with such related topics.Adults often don’t confront children’s “where did I come from” questions or explain too much about “where did the grandparents go?”Traditional education always expects that “children will know it naturally when they grow up”, but in fact, the so-called life education is not only about life and death, but also about the life of others, as well as the improvement of survival ability and value of life.Life education for young children is an educational activity that helps young children to know their own life and the life of others, to know the process of life, to know that other species in nature are the existence of life, to know life, to respect life and to protect life.It is the starting point of life education to care for and protect children’s life from early childhood.To help children understand life, cherish life and protect life is of great significance to children’s future life development.Childhood is the key period of children’s life education. As parents, children’s life education can be carried out from the following aspects.The first step in early childhood life education is the education about the source of life, that is, “where do I come from”.Many moms and dads have faced this question. What do you say when your child asks you where you’re from?How many children are “picked up from the trash”, “paid for” or “assigned by the state”?I’m sure a lot of young parents don’t shy away from this question anymore, and we’ve taken inspiration from many picture books to help us solve this problem.Parents should pay attention to the scale of education, not too early, not too late, not too little, but also very test the wisdom of parents.(2) Education about death and education about life correspond to education about death.When children are about four years old, they will have the concept of death. The death of relatives and the departure of pets will trigger children’s questions about death. When faced with such events, we often hear the saying that “they have gone to a far, far place”, “the sky” and “they have turned into stars to watch us”.We always avoid talking about death, but if we do not give children positive guidance, it is easy to make children have negative emotions, affecting life.Correct understanding of the meaning of life and death, can let children know the precious place of life, in the face of difficulties, courage, love life, do not give up.(3) About survival education survival education in cultivating children’s ability to save themselves, cultivate children to develop self-prevention ability.Safety education in schools is a form of survival education.In addition, we can also encourage children to actively participate in labor and social activities, guide thinking, enhance the ability to distinguish good and evil to promote the development of children’s survival ability.The essence of survival education is to help children improve their ability to solve problems and acquire the ability to cope with difficulties.The core of early childhood character education lies in early childhood emotional education and the cultivation of good behavior habits.Early childhood emotional education starts from children’s perception of emotions, to learn to care for others, understand others, respect others, and develop a positive and optimistic attitude towards life.The cultivation of children’s behavior habits is reflected not only in life and learning, but also in self-discipline and self-control.Children’s life education is the cover of all aspects of children’s life education, how to make children’s life education is a very important and profound significance of topic, to be parents and education officials more thinking and practice, help children establish correct and positive life view, respect nature, respect life, increase happiness.