World of Tanks is the most powerful premium vehicle of 2021.

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Hello, audience!I saw a message from a car manager before, saying that the new premium car and special car are more and more insincere, and the performance is better than a wonderful job.A review of new tanks released over the past year shows that the “Blood Bull 114”, “Troll Caliban”, “30 Primitive”, and “07 Main Battle” are all mediocre.There is only one T0 tank: Skoda T56.It has been a long time since the last time T56 was sold in the mall, the Christmas box is far away from us, and the server data has remained stable. Therefore, xiaobian is going to talk about this “tank of the year” which sells for 271 yuan.So far, the T56 has the second highest damage per game, win percentage, and appearance percentage of tier 8 heavy tanks.However, Charlemagne, ranked NO.1, can only be acquired with bonds at present, and its holdings are much smaller than T56, so it is normal to have a higher number.Why everyone is talking about T56, and what are the core strengths of T56?The most distinctive feature of T56 is its two 130 guns, which can not only hit 920 points in 3.5 seconds, but also have a very short vacuum period, which can be reloaded in about 23 seconds. However, its 130 gun sound is not the common 130 gun sound, but more like many 120/122 guns.Tier 8 heavy tanks generally only have 1500 HP and 390 HP, so the T56 with 460 HP is still profitable even if it has 2 HP and 1 HP, and if it has 2 HP, it can carry most tier 8 tanks with 2 shuttle.What about 150?!Even experienced old driver, see T56 also have to be extra careful, because it hit people really too painful, car fight two basic lose combat effectiveness, HE bomb is instant second kill full blood scorpion, hairy crab.On the other hand, the T56 is a “beginner’s best friend” : even if you have absolutely no idea where to position yourself or what to look for, you can do a lot of damage if you go to the heavy tank line and fire at a weak spot and know to come back when you reload.That’s why T56 ranks among the top 8 golds per game.The biggest disadvantage of Skoda T56 is penetration, not to mention the 208 coin shells are not good enough in heavy tanks, even if the whole process of firing gold shells, 248 AP shells are still not enough in advanced rooms, especially for long-range targets.If the commander is unfamiliar with the enemy’s weaknesses and his hands are unstable, the breakdown rate will drop dramatically.At the same time, learn to flank, sneak attack is to make up for the penetration problem.The T56 has one of the best triple-extenders in its class of large calipers, sounds incredible, doesn’t it?Will magazine fire control be better than single engine?But it’s true.Skoda’s 0.2/0.2/0.12 tripod slaps Scorpion, Hairy Crab, T103, headless WZ111FT and even smaller mammoths with the same heavy tanks.Although the accuracy of 0.4 is poor, fortunately, the combat distance is close and the shrinkage time is normal.Right now the VZ55 and KRV are all over the place with head + depression + burst, the T56 is similar.While the hull is long and brittle, the turret has small frontal weaknesses and additional armor to protect against HEAT.The headpack is not small and difficult to hide, so you can use the gun barrel to block the headpack like the E5 to save more health.The front of the vehicle is only 100mm brittle, but the upper part of the side has a 907-like V-shaped incline, which can be pleasantly ricocheted, while the lower part of the side has 70mm vertical armor, which can be broken at a single poke.The T56 has -8 degree depression on both front and rear sides and a front turret, which is basically enough for actual combat.The rear has a -5 degree depression because of the hip, which is interesting.The addition of the field modification greatly compensated for the T56’s other weakness: mobility.With the addition of turbo, the current 35KM/H has been changed to 40KM/H and the thrust-to-weight ratio has also been improved.The 1.05/1.15/2.4 track drag coefficient can also be improved by field modification, allowing the T56 to change from “muscle heavy” to “assault heavy” with a range of about 38-39 on flat ground.Maneuverability needs to be improved by the turbo. Another way to play is to put a highlight on the bonus slot to compensate for the 370 meter naked field of vision, to absorb more spotting damage and assist the whole team in attack and defense.So, a “monster tank” created by a Chinese engineer is close to perfect: single shot – burst – gun control – armor – depression – mobility – vision of the 7 points can do 5 excellent, can not be blown away by the commanders?QA 1: Is skoda T56 bad enough to damage the environment?Xiaobian thinks not necessarily, because this car has the potential to destroy the environment, but it needs a good conductor to play its full energy.Also, it’s not the tanks themselves that the game environment makes heavy tanks feel overwhelmed.Question 2: Is Skoda T56 recommended to buy?Xiaobian is not an official salesman and does not agree with the consumption mentality of “others say I will buy”.Version iteration, heroes, like to buy, why insist.Here is the tank station, always for the player’s tank public.Original is not easy, if you like our article, but also please forward to share propaganda, so that more car officers back to our own position.You are welcome to comment and discuss in the comments section below.Finally, I wish you all commander artillery shelling wear, gun gun high injury!To learn more