Yang Jie adapted the original, forced play “match” husband and wife files, all saints princess why not choose small white dragon

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In Journey to the West, director Yang Jie forced a couple together.In the 82 version of “journey to the west” there are two couples of desirable pair is tang’s monk and the king of the girl country, a pair of is small white dragon appearance level is very high and princess all saints, both for the wind’s story, is not in the original, but Yang jie director adaptation, give them a set of play, in the original, tang’s monk and the king of the girl country somehow also met each other before, have intersection,But small white dragon and ten thousand saints princess, in the original work of the two even face have not seen, was Yang guide forced composition OF CP, not only became pro, but also made up a paragraph of derailed nine-headed worm love story, let the small white dragon wearing green hat.In fact, in the original version, and no clear explanation why small white dragon is burned the luminous pearl of the jade emperor, thus make the dogma, was exiled to the eagle QiuJian condemnation, the reason is the oil going, so Yang jie director and screenwriter, based on the original small white dragon in the TV series and all saints marry the princess, and then caught him nine heads, thus become angry from embarrassment accidentally burn the pearl,Such a matchmaking takes place in the fifth episode, The Monkey King protects The Tang Priest, but is only lightly touched on, followed by the 18th episode, Sweep the Pagoda To Redress grievances, which focuses on the emotional entanglement between the three.Such an adaptation, let the audience understand the small white dragon is why burned the pearl, also for the small white dragon why will appear in the eagle Gully, after meeting tang’s monk for a reasonable explanation, more behind the “Sweep tower to plead injustice” in the plot development buried foreshadowing.This way of adaptation on logic and rationality are not too big problem, not only enriched the plot, also increased a lot of topics and what to watch for, like tang’s monk and emotional adaptation between girl country king is very classic, plus by Yang guide to choose high level actor Mr Cheung tsing and Wang Bozhao appearance, CP feeling is stronger, it is almost a match made in heaven, this way of adaptation also let the audience is,For a long time can not let go, the in the mind doubt why the princess does not choose handsome small white dragon, but choose the general appearance of the nine head worm?Maybe it’s because Hydra is willing to steal a national treasure to please the Halloween Princess, so what do you choose between being handsome and being happy?This adaptation not only account for the princess choose nine head worm reasons, but also for nine head worm to steal national treasures to cause injustice, find a very good reason, this adaptation can be said to be very successful.What do you think?