+ scene, + experience, reber peripheral core technology “+” is scheduled to be released

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, higher technology has become an important engine for peripheral products to obtain substantial experience.In the context of emotion and perception being pre-measured by experience, peripheral products evolve from functional requirements to scenario-based experience, and how to make product use meet the needs of segmentation scenarios, so as to complete the underlying transformation from common to intelligent use.Scene + experience, feel + perception, performance + play, chip + upgrade, configuration + personality, Leibo technology gathered peripherals core technology — “+ plan”, break the fixed form, create new experience from the inside out, experience more impossible.Based on the product design concept of connecting use and scene and compatible function and perception, focusing on the use scenarios of peripherals such as office and games, re-disassembling the combination formula of performance and use to create “+ plan” and innovate empowered brand products.The key and mouse manufacturing foundation and core technology layout are the new development of Leber technology peripherals — pragmatic innovation.In 2021, Leibo will release the “Quiet +” technology to add some tranquility to the quietness.When the peripherals as a vehicle for awareness and penetration between the people and scene, library, office, conference room, coffee shop no longer curing office scenario, a single complex background concentration on the efficiency of conversion by test, the first mute X2000 wireless keyboard or suit of the technology, with the balance function and mute demand structural innovation,Effectively increase the privacy of sound, reduce noise output, realize the concentration of concentration.”Static +”, with the traditional crater film button as the starting point of product structural innovation, under the coordination of the optimized sound insulation cover conductive silica gel inside the button and the lubricating oil at the bottom, passed the test of the third authoritative testing institution, and the average value of 20.35dB effectively suppressed the noise.While maintaining the characteristics of traditional structure, such as easy to care and anti-splash, the key distance is reduced, and the 3mm hand feel is soft and fixed, which transcends the momentary tranquility with an efficient and undisturbed focused experience.”+” plan originates from the concern and solution of consumers’ scene-based needs such as games in daily life and pain points in business office.New understanding of consumption and new opportunities for peripherals. When consumers have diversified consumption trends, they have more extreme experience demands for performance and technical cognition.The mobile Internet era, the game peripherals present with more possible, connectivity, strengthen the basic skills, from “cable game peripherals popular” evolution to spread “” wireless peripherals scene, immersion, individuation, diversification, low latency, at any time for the application of the ground is the evolution of player interaction and virtual worlds.Not subject to “line” system?Endurance?Driving and connecting and forgetting distance?Can performance pull full without interference?Open the mind must show hard strength, Leibo V+ wireless game technology is fully landing, once again witness the power of “+”.Rapoo, founded in 2002, is a listed company in peripherals industry, a national high-tech enterprise, and one of the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises.With “wireless” as the mission, technology research and development as the core, market demand as the guide, user experience as the purpose, to accelerate the global layout, restructure flexible and flexible supply chain, reanalyze the segmentation of user market demand combination, continue to expand wireless life application scenarios.Leibo has strong original industrial design strength, based on the performance of aesthetic perception, based on business office, video games, video entertainment, live conference, intelligent and mobile user life needs diversified scenes,Give key and mouse, smart glasses, demo, TWS headset, speaker, camera, microphone, handle, wireless charger, multi-function docking, power adapter and other products the power of imagination, amazing vision, to convey the pursuit of a better life and free art.China’s intelligent manufacturing and innovation peak, independent research and development, product innovation, business expanded to 54 countries around the world, a total of more than 100 million consumers, do a good job in every detail, to meet the needs of every user, forging the life of products with innovation, with ingenuity poured into the soul of products to define a better life.Leibo has been invited to participate in the IFA in Germany, CES in the United States and other global consumer electronics exhibitions, showing the charm of new domestic products.He has won many authoritative design awards at home and abroad, including IF design award in Germany, Reddot Reddot design award in Germany, g-mark design award in Japan, DFA most influential design award in Asia, red star award for innovative design in China, golden dot design award in Taiwan of China, etc., which makes 3C hardware reshape new power and new direction and reconstruct imagination.To show the world the benchmark strength of new domestic goods.Reber, wireless life.Jingdong Official flagship store: https://vpro.jd.com/ Tmall official flagship store: https://rapoo.tmall.com/