Agricultural land rent: government fixed price, increase price return to public

2022-05-09 0 By

The household contract responsibility system solved the problem of food for the Chinese people, but it did not solve the problem of farmers getting rich.It is neither realistic nor feasible to get rich from one family to another.Therefore, the promotion of appropriate scale of land management becomes an important way to balance the problem of eating and getting rich.In fact, the government to promote the “three rights separation” reform of agricultural land is also one of the important goals.However, the key to the proper scale of land management lies in the rental agreement between the contracted farmers and the new land management subjects: on the one hand, he will not feel a problem if the farmers are idle, but once someone wants to rent, he will not be able to pay a penny less.And to operator, this is solid solid cost, in the agreed period must cash, otherwise farmers do not do.The government should strengthen the management of appropriate scale, and take back the land contract right for farmers who have abandoned their land for a certain number of years.According to the income from land operation, the guide price of transfer rent shall be set, and all who exceed the price shall be returned to the public. On this basis, the subsidies for operators of moderate scale shall be increased. Only in this way can the interests of actual grain farmers be guaranteed and their contracting rights and interests be guaranteed, and the interests of the country, farmers and operators be balanced.