China men’s Basketball Asian Cup group out, which hidden mystery, want to further give up the fight for the top

2022-05-09 0 By

Beijing time on February 18, 2022 Asian cup group officially released, the Chinese men’s basketball team be points in group B, group rivals in South Korea, Chinese Taipei and bahrain, at first glance, the Chinese men’s basketball team group is very good, Chinese Taipei and bahrain want to compete with the Chinese team, only the South Korea is the men’s basketball team, but South Korea has been going down in recent years,Strength is not as good as before, as long as The Chinese men’s basketball team sends its strongest team to fight, it has a great hope to win South Korea.But there is a catch. If the men’s basketball team beats South Korea, it will likely face the mighty Australia in the semifinals.China is the highest ranked FIBA team in Group B.In terms of overall strength, China is the absolute “top team” in Group B.Although South Korea is close behind China in the FIBA ranking, China is the dominant team in the recent competition between the two teams.China has a good chance of winning Group B as long as it performs as it should.If China clinches the top spot in Group B, it will face the winner of Group D 2 versus Group C 3 in the quarter-finals.In Group D, New Zealand is the strong team and the Philippines is stronger than Lebanon and India.Therefore, the Philippines is likely to finish second in Group D.As for Group C, Iran and Japan are clearly stronger than the other two teams.Kazakhstan and Syria could either finish third in Group C.Such a background, China team quarterfinal promotion prospects are also more optimistic.But after reaching the semifinals, China’s biggest potential opponent could be defending champion Australia.Combined with all the above, it can be seen whether China will be able to secure the top spot in Group B, advance through the quarter-finals to the semi-finals, and meet Australia in the semi-finals.So under the premise of the test ranking, The Chinese men’s basketball team is the top or play overtime is a difficult problem, it depends on the coach Du Feng how to make a choice, no matter how the barrier has to pass, win South Korea to the group first is the hard truth, look forward to it!