Continue to lose!What happened to the Lakers?James still can’t carry him

2022-05-09 0 By

Today, the Lakers against the Grizzlies, no surprise, the lakers lost again, Lebron James still gorgeous statistics, but still can’t avoid a beating!Although the current lineup lacks eyebrows, but not bad to this point.Early-season and mid-season injuries and the impact of the new coronavirus have led to the rotation not being able to play together.Vogel’s lack of ideas or a meaningful voice on the team often led to a three-back, four-back situation.Also number one, Monk and Nunn and Tucker were supposed to be a source of energy during the regular season, but for a variety of reasons the team can’t help, especially since Monk can’t play on the perimeter right now.Because of the team’s overall age and lack of chemistry, the team could only play one and a half good quarters, and had to play the entire game according to the pregame plan. Concentration and stamina were not allowed.In fact, the strength of the western Conference or the level of the top five, see the extent of the overtime pinch at a glance.Just how long the regular season is and how much traffic you get as a Lakers fan.A season of criticism and a playoff finish in the top eight in the West can still shake things up.Don’t say champion, at least won’t let a person look down on.Last season’s god, heavy eyebrows two stand the basket space directly closed, a sun offense is constipation, heavy eyebrows at centre-forward didn’t three points this season, not open space, now in James play space pulled open, James, high efficiency, monk Bradley Anthony got life than before the shot is much, so just solve the problem of space, the lakers’ offense not sorrow,The lakers desperately need to get back their lost 3-point accuracy this season.For the Lakers to win, there are issues that must be addressed: James’ minutes must be reduced, for starters.If the Lakers are successful this season, it will be because of James.James has been consistently overworked so far this season, something the Lakers need to keep in mind because if he gets hurt, they can kiss their championship hopes goodbye.The Lakers need to make sure James is healthy, and that must be their primary concern at the end of the season.The lakers must avoid playing him more than 30 minutes a night in games he doesn’t necessarily need to play.He’s 36 years old, and even if he’s ironman, that kind of intense duration will be tired. If he keeps doing that in the regular season, he’ll probably collapse even in the playoffs, and the Lakers still have a long way to go before the playoffs.Besides, the Lakers have to trade to win a championship.They’re in a good position right now, but only because Lebron has been playing so well lately.The reality is that James is getting older in his career, and any minor adjustment, or anything else, could lead to injuries.The Lakers’ current roster isn’t good enough to win an NBA championship, and they’ll need to make some midseason moves if they want to be what many fans and players thought at the start of the season.It won’t be easy for the Lakers to do this because they don’t necessarily have a lot of leverage to attract other teams, but if the Lakers don’t, they’ll have a hard time succeeding in the playoffs.However, the lakers have had a difficult season, with a series of offseason failures leading to the current situation, and we hope they can adjust quickly and get out of this mess.