‘Fog Alert’ Hoi Lee Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow alert signal of ‘Level III/heavy’ for fog on 3 February

2022-05-09 0 By

Huili city meteorological station released on 03 02 09 34 points when the fog yellow warning signs: huili city have visibility of less than 500 meters, is greater than or equal to 200 meters the fog weather, in the next 12 hours, ancient city, north, six China YunDian, yi door, taiping, slot yuan, in the east, south, akira crown, deer, black wellknown, GuanHe villages and towns (street), such as the fog will continue.(Information source: National Early Warning Issuing Center) Defense Guide 1. Relevant departments and units shall make preparations for anti-fog according to their duties;2. Airports, expressways, ferry terminals and other units should strengthen traffic management to ensure safety;3. Drivers should pay attention to the change of fog and drive carefully;4. Pay attention to outdoor activities. The elderly, the weak, the sick and the young should minimize outdoor activities.