Gold for silver!The Chinese team has triumphed again

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Source: News network Proud!China’s ‘dragon’ wins gold for silverChina’s Ren Ziwei and Li Wenlong won the men’s 1,000m short-track speed skating final on Sunday night, while Wu Dajing of China finished fourth.Ren ziwei’s medal was gold and heavy because it meant China had achieved its first gold medal in the event at the Winter Olympics.It was an emotional roller coaster, a game that made you hold your breath, a game that kept the suspense going until the end.As Mr. Ren said earlier, “There’s so much uncertainty in short track. You never know who’s the winner until the last minute.”Yang “wei” The Beijing Winter Olympics, Ren Ziwei reminds people of his four years ago in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the winter Olympics vowed: “do not forget why we started, always, see you in four years.”Now, as Ren Ziwei has fulfilled his wish, he has won glory for the motherland, won glory for the nation, added glory to the Olympic Games and added color to his life.”Rematch” this final can be clearly found that the Chinese team in the short track speed skating men’s 1,000m victory, depends on the courage of individual athletes, but also the strength of the whole team.No matter the three were able to meet in the final, or in the final tacit cooperation, unity and cooperation have played a crucial role.One detail is worth mentioning.Commenting on the performance of the three players in the final, the commentator said, “The Chinese team’s tactics are very clear: to form a team advantage.”Coincidentally, the winter Sports Center of the General Administration of Sports also mentioned this point in the congratulatory letter, “Ren Ziwei, Li Wenlong, Wu Dajing perfect cooperation, next city”.Perfect cooperation comes from the three men’s usual training, but also from the national interest and fist clenched consciously.The spirit of unity and hard work of The Chinese short track speed skating team is worth praising and learning from all Chinese athletes.”There is no lone champion.”For collective projects, strength is best when tightly held together like pomegranate seeds;For individual events, if an athlete wants to make achievements in the competition, there is often a team or even countless people standing behind them. Their hard work provides endless courage and motivation for the athletes to overcome difficulties.As is known to all, the main content of The Chinese sports spirit is “winning glory for the country, selfless dedication, scientific and realistic, law-abiding, unity and cooperation, and tenacious struggle”, which itself contains the content of “unity and cooperation”.There are many important factors for The Chinese short track speed skating team to become the champion, one of which is the emphasis on unity and cooperation.”I have always believed in the team. I have always believed in my teammates since the day I joined the national team.”Fan Kexin of China after winning the mixed team relay in short track speed skating.From “victory depends on the strength of the team” to “unity and cooperation, only have such achievements”, this is not a simple monologue, but more like a summary of experience, which is also the Chinese short track speed skating team is always worthy of confidence.”The movement of the roc is not the lightness of a feather;Steed’s speed is not a single strength.We can be sure that the unity and cooperation is not the “patent” of The Chinese short track speed skating team, but the spiritual connotation of the Chinese team, but also a vivid interpretation of the spirit of sports.Indomitable struggle, sincere unity, singing the song of ice and snow China team, will play again!Topic selected by Zhu Xiaotong editor By Zhu Xiaotong editor by Yang Xichen