Juntong big spy can climb the wall, had hurt hundreds of people arrested, the police layout for 5 years to capture it

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Duan Yunpeng before becoming a spy, had become a famous thief in Beijing and Tianjin with the name of “flying on the grass”, even the ferocious Japanese invasion commander Okamura Ningji, are helpless to him.It is said that Duan Yunpeng learned from The swallow Li SAN, has superb skills, can fly to the wall, hall into the house.In fact, his real master named Li Yushan, is a habitual thief, Duan Yunpeng followed him to learn a lot of methods of theft, and with a pair of eyes that can see things at night, specializing in night theft.In early 1943, Duan Yunpeng broke into okamura’s heavily guarded home and stole a green jade ball worth one million silver dollars, plus a pistol inscribed with the Japanese emperor’s autograph and gold.See eldest brother’s residence is stolen, Japanese special high class (Japanese senior spy organization) feel face without light, united the beiping police station at that time multi-investigation, the results have no harvest however.Gang village ning on this matter geng huai, in his memoirs also lamenting the case did not break, “but a pity.”Gang village ning second duan Yunpeng is not a quiet child from childhood, from the urine apprentice, 16 years old simply ran to Baoding as a soldier.Although he is not tall, but natural magic, and people rarely meet opponents.In 1928, duan Yunpeng, 24, was unable to make it in the army, so he went to Peiping to study as an apprentice.Unfortunately, he walked the crooked road of stealing.Duan Yunpeng was born with a special constitution, climbing over the hill when others were panting, he looked like the usual, so he learned the “snitch” technology, that is, rock climbing and wall stealing.In 1932, duan Yunpeng witnessed his rumored “master” Swallow Li SAN being shot after being pardoned on a bridge in Beiping. He felt cold in his neck immediately, fearing that he would be the next one to be sent to the death’s door, so he abandoned the thief and joined the army.It’s a pity that the good times did not last long, he just in 47 volunteer army when the major squadron captain, troops in the Great Wall Xifengkou was broken up by the Japanese, was 29 army commander Song Zheyuan.Song Zheyuan only wanted ordinary soldiers who could fight, not those arrogant officers. Duan Yunpeng had no choice but to return to the familiar Peiping and resume his old career.Having experienced all kinds of blows, Duan yunpeng understands the importance of circles.He was alone, and although he could enjoy the fruits of his theft, he could not do much.After his Epiphany, Duan Yunpeng began to deliberately make friends with the usual bandits and hooligans in Beijing and Tianjin, and gradually built a huge network of contacts in Peiping area.Often walk in the river, wet shoes is sure, Duan Yunpeng stole Okamura ningji was not caught by the Japanese, but was caught by juntong in 1946.It all depends on pig teammates, beiping city dongcheng goldfish hutong a large number of gold and silver jewelry stolen, Beiping police detective three squadron in Tianjin Zhenghua jin store to fence the thieves captured, the gang gave the address of Duan Yunpeng, Duan Yunpeng was then arrested.Duan Yunpeng was arrested, he has never said a word, Juntong Beiping station action group leader Jiang Hongtao see he is a character, immediately good wine and good food to treat him, and reported to the stationmaster Ma Hansan.Finally, Duan yunpeng was recruited into the Juntong and became a lieutenant in the North China Office after undergoing a series of rigorous training.In early 1946, the Kuomintang and the Communist Party signed the armistice agreement, and set up a three-person team with the Participation of the United States representatives, referred to as the “military mediation Office”, responsible for supervising the implementation of the armistice order, the chief representative of our army is Ye Jianying and Teng Daiyuan.Juntong North station accepted the superior secret order, set up a special operations team, responsible for day and night monitoring Ye Jianying and Teng Dayuan residence, the leader is valued by Ma Hansan Duan Yunpeng.One day in July, Ma Hansan entrusted a message to Duan Yunpeng, want him to find a way to steal the bag ye Jianying took every day meeting, it must be filled with a lot of confidential documents.In case of less than stolen, you can assassinate Ye Jianying on the spot.Mahan three yunpeng is not silly bold, he understood the assassination of Ye Jianying is not a small thing, so personally to Mahan three mansions asked him to give yourself a point.As it happens, a kuomintang military department representative Huang Tianmai is also in, he strongly opposes the plan to assassinate Ye Jianying, think that once caused disputes, not to the superior.The final result of the discussion is that Duan Yunpeng will use the camera to take the file unnoticed on the line, so as not to disturb anyone, thus causing unnecessary trouble.That night, Duan Yunpeng carrying the camera, quietly came to Ye Jianying’s residence Jingshan East Street.After seeing no suspicious people around, he ran a few steps and jumped, people have come to the roof behind the Ye house, then he turned into the courtyard, quietly cat in the ye Jianying bedroom window.Who knows before he has some action, the guards came to patrol, Duan Yunpeng can only be changed to lie in the flowers.After a while, the guards began the second round of patrol, Duan Yunpeng knows that tonight can not complete the task of stealing documents and taking photos, can only jump on the eaves of the original way to withdraw.After ye Jianying lost, Duan Yunpeng will target to live in the Xicheng District of Teng Dayuan.Tengdaiyuan he before the action, sent several groups of investigation, tengdaiyuan’s residence near the terrain to explore a clear: tengdaiyuan’s residence in the southwest corner of a small courtyard, there are guards, and the rear and nearby stationed in the 19th military police squadron and the sixth brigade of the Air force.The operation is very difficult, neither disturb the garrison, and can not be caught by the Guards of Teng Dayuan, but its residence alleys many, the terrain is complex to hide, so Duan Yunpeng took advantage of a dark cloud to cover the moon night, and went to teng house alone to perform the task.Duan Yunpeng again play up and down the kungfu, quietly hidden on the ceiling, observe the situation throughout the hospital.I saw Teng Daiyuan and his wife sleeping in the north room, the south room open the light, the staff on duty are curled up on the desk to take a nap, the guards across the south yard did not rest, they cooked a pot of noodles are eating midnight snack, although it is late at night, the whole yard is still brightly lit.Duan Yunpeng stayed on the ceiling for 3 hours, found no chance to start, looking at the east is the sky is bright, he can only in the heart of a long sigh ready to withdraw, is jumping down from the alley wall, suddenly heard a shout: “Who?What do you do?”Then a bullet whistled over his head, and Duan quickly fled into a north-south alley to escape.Don’t look at the assassination of Ye Jianying, Teng Daiyuan did not succeed, but Duan Yunpeng’s next action has made beiping’s intelligence system suffered a great disaster.At the end of June 1946, Chiang Kai-shek launched an all-out civil war, and the KMT – COMMUNIST peace talks broke down completely.On February 21, 1947, all the PLA personnel returned to Yan ‘an, and the Military Coordination Department announced its dissolution.At the time of departure, a secret intelligence team of five people remained in Peiping, equipped with two radio stations, two telegraph operators and two decoders, and reported the information collected directly to the Headquarters in Yan ‘an.The intelligence team provided a large amount of classified information and was repeatedly praised by Yan ‘an authorities.At that time, the Kuomintang had more than 10 jeep carrying detection radio patrol day and night every day, the signal sent by the underground radio was soon captured by them, and calculated its location in shun Tianfu lane square park between 600 meters and 1000 meters.This area is a densely populated area, at least there are thousands of families, door to door search, it is easy to disturb each other, so the big spy Gu Zhengwen thought of Duan Yunpeng.In this way, every morning, Duan Yunpeng quietly jumped on the room, who turned on the lights in the middle of the night, he used the upside down hook in the window.Soon, Duan Yunpeng found that although residents have a lot of radios in their homes, there are a lot of antennas on the roof, but shuntianfu East Street no. 24 courtyard antenna is different.Other antennas are casually stick or bamboo pole, tied to the broken wire thing, but this antenna is thick and high, from southeast to northwest vertical two poles, the distance is very wide.Duan Yunpeng focused on this yard surveillance.At 5 a.m. one morning, he saw the light suddenly come on in the east room of the courtyard and a man pull a box from under a table and open it, then put on headphones.Before long, 19 secret agents surrounded the yard and arrested four people, including li Zhengxuan and Meng Liangyu, the telegraph operator and decoder.Unable to withstand the torture, these men soon rebelled and the Underground Radio station in Peiping was completely destroyed.This is not to add, the secret agents will follow the lead, xi ‘an, Chengde, Shenyang, Tianjin and other underground station damage, the number of arrested as many as hundreds of people.Duan Yunpeng was personally rewarded by Chiang Kai-shek.Complacently Duan Yunpeng, extend the hand of blame to patriotic personage he Siyuan again.He Siyuan was removed from his post as mayor of Beiping after angering Chiang kai-shek by publicly supporting students’ “anti-hunger, anti-civil war” activities.In early January 1949, after Beiping and Tianjin were besieged, He Siyuan urged Fu Zuoyi to respond to the proposal of “stopping the civil war and peaceful reunification”, and was elected as the representative of peace, ready to contact our army on January 18 about the peaceful liberation of Peiping.He Siyuan Chiang kai-shek learned that after this very hate Fu Zuoyi and He Siyuan, he ordered MAO Renfeng to get rid of he Siyuan, by killing him to make an example of Fu Zuoyi.On the evening of January 16, the task was handed over to Duan Yunpeng. He climbed over the wall and lay on the roof of he Siyuan residence, and separated the 4 time bombs into two piles in the appropriate position and left quietly.At 4:50 in the morning of January 18, he Siyuan residential roof issued a loud noise, he Siyuan’s youngest daughter was killed, he Siyuan and his family were all injured, his wife He Yiwen was shot in the head nerve injury, life all failed to heal.Nevertheless, He Siyuan swallowed the grief of losing his daughter and went out of Xizhimen to negotiate the peaceful liberation of Peiping, for which Chairman MAO commented that he “truly represented the public opinion”.Thanks to his daughter’s air-force boyfriend, duan was able to take his father’s name and escape from Beijing to Shanghai. He arrived in Taiwan by boat in May.After only four months in Taiwan, he secretly sneaked back to Peiping to carry out the important task of assassinating leaders attending the founding ceremony.It has to be said that MAO renfeng and his team are very short-sighted. They are confident that with Duan yunpeng’s wildcat agility, his knowledge of the terrain around the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace, and his knowledge of public and private housing, the operation will soon be a complete success.MAO renfeng results are, the founding ceremony in Beijing tiananmen Square grand held, Duan Yunpeng is still nest in Tianjin, even a weapon can not get.In the first half of 1950, Duan Yunpeng briefly returned to Taiwan after diving again, this time he proved liu Shaoqi’s residence, ready to return to Taiwan to obtain weapons after the assassination mission.After returning to Taiwan again, Duan Yunpeng got personally summoned by Chiang Kai-shek, also was promoted to colonel leader, straight moved him to tears.In gratitude, he decided to succeed or die.In 1951, Duan Yunpeng returned to the mainland for the third time. This time, he showed his skill and developed more than 60 people from the old relationship. He planned to assassinate important leaders on May Day.Unexpectedly, at this time, the country carried out a vigorous crackdown, duan Yunpeng’s main contacts and referral lines were almost wiped out.He had been born a burglar and was no braver than a mouse. On hearing the news, he anointed himself and fled to Hong Kong.Duan Yunpeng’s danger is too big, once he got the consequences can’t be imagined.In order to deal with him, the Beijing and Tianjin public security bureau set up a task force, and the reconnaissance, control duan Yunpeng’s work to Hong Kong.In January 1952, the Tianjin Public Security Bureau developed an intelligence officer code-named “003”.The identity of this person is not simple, he and Duan Yunpeng has more than 10 years of friendship, Duan Yunpeng has been jailed twice, are by his generosity to bail out, the two people formed a sworn brother.003 came to Hong Kong alone in 1950 and still kept in close contact with Duan yunpeng.Every time Duan Yunpeng was ordered to dive from Taiwan to the mainland, the middle will be diverted through Hong Kong, every time eat and live in 003 home.With 003’s assistance, Duan Yunpeng’s every move is in the hands of the public security organs.On August 13, 1954, 003 sent the definite information that Duan Yunpeng would smuggle into China from Sheung Shui, New Territories, Kowloon on the night of August 19.The police waited in the rain for a day, but did not see Duan Yunpeng.Originally, in charge of taking Duan Yunpeng transit informant Lian Qizhong was detained by the British police for a few days when exploring the way, resulting in duan Yunpeng smuggling failed.It was in this case that Director Ling Yun, who was in charge of the command, decided after careful consideration that rather than passively waiting for Duan Yunpeng to enter the mainland from Hong Kong, it was better to “lure the dragon out of the hole”, let Duan Yunpeng enter the mainland with a legal identity and open and open, and then quickly control him.003 persuade Duan Yunpeng, he has a good friend in Guangzhou called Han Baozhang, is a business owner, can help get a legitimate pass, his shop can also be a foothold for Duan Yunpeng.Duan Yunpeng did not doubt it. After getting the certificate, he arrived in Shenzhen at 9 am on September 14 as the deputy manager of Hong Kong ferry Company and was warmly entertained by Han Baozhang.Duan Yunpeng, drunk back to senior hotel room, he was immediately on guard against the rich capture experience of the public security personnel uniform, was passed the legend of the superb martial arts has not been put to good use, was shackled tightly locked.In order to arrest Duan Yunpeng, we laid out a plan for 5 years, finally make him arrested.He was held in a special cell, colloquially known as the “iron cage”.It is 2 meters high, 1.7 meters long and 1 meter wide. Except for a small gate on the front fence, all sides are covered with steel plates, which is narrower than the place where orangutans are kept in the zoo.No way, Duan Yunpeng martial arts unfathomable, a negligence he may escape.Duan, who had planned to refuse to confess and fake his own death, dropped his head when the interrogator showed him two photos with a smile on his face.One photo shows Duan yunpeng receiving the “Sixth Class Cloud Standard Medal” awarded by MAO Renfeng, director of the Taiwan State Secrets Bureau, in 1951. Another photo shows duan and another spy looking toward the mainland from a high slope in Sheung Shui, Hong Kong.There’s no point in holding out when you’re in the other side’s hands.Duan Yunpeng’s hands were stained with the blood of patriots, and he should have been shot immediately.But given his skills and MAO’s “don’t kill if you don’t want to,” Duan survived for 13 years.On October 11, 1967, Duan Yunpeng, who had been in prison for 13 years, was executed by Xie Fuzhi, the then minister of Public Security. This extremely dangerous 65-year-old man finally ended his evil life.