Masai township: beautiful scenery, delicious food, delicious waiting for you

2022-05-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival, if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery, you can go to massing ten thousand acres of grass Hill, In the Pond forest field, red stone 壵 park, AH Pull wheat field rape field, new building modern agriculture demonstration base, Zi Ka Yi Village, Xiaoqiao River Forest fruit village…During the Spring Festival, if you want to taste delicious food, you can go to the Red stone 壵 park in Asvaghosa to taste all kinds of original ecological delicacies, Zi Ka Yi Village to taste the yi family farm dishes…During the Spring Festival, if you want to taste delicious food, you can go to Masei Zi Ka Yi Village to taste the Yi people’s bubble cylinder wine, fire grass jacket…It is reported that red Stone Manor currently covers an area of 3096 mu, formerly Malone Skin Disease Prevention and Control Hospital in northeast Yunnan province, is located in the deep mountains and primitive jungle, the scenic area, the scenery is interesting, charming, there are jungle crossing, tree hole suspension bridge, forest hiking, rope, fishing and many other field exploration,There are also deer antler blood wine, braised mutton, self-growing vegetables, free range native chicken, sika deer, ecological pig and other delicacies;Asvaghosa township bridge river village is located in Malone district southwest, 32 kilometers away from Malone county, the village of ecological environment is superior, castle peak green water surrounded, around the village, continuous fruit rich, the transportation is convenient, with restaurants, tourist “rural” and supporting the whole village have rattan pear, DongTao, American sweet apricot organic fruits such as more than 300 acres, is now “is” all the year round fruit village;Wooka bubble-cylinder wine is famous for its fragrance, and the fire herb jacket, the treasure of Yi clothing, has been on the CCTV stage….