“New Year at the Grassroots level” Ruichang: Huhu Vigorous “Work harder” strive for a “good start”

2022-05-09 0 By

During the Spring Festival, ruichang major projects race against time to grab progress, key enterprises add full power to grasp the production, all over the present hot construction, production scene, promote a strong start to the economy, sprint for a “good start” in the first quarter.On New Year’s Eve, China Building Materials New Material Co., Ltd. annual output of 30 million tons of sand aggregate production line project, actively respond to the Spring Festival “major projects do not stop, key enterprises do not stop” call, seize the construction time, promote the project progress.In the project adit, adit room, more than 30 participants still stick to their posts, busy welding pipes, installation equipment, the scene shows a tense and orderly production scene.In order to grasp the progress and ensure the normal operation of the project before and after the Spring Festival, the company has improved workers’ welfare and logistics support measures for the Spring Festival, and mobilized employees to stay in Ruichang and stay at their posts. The Spring Festival on the spot has become the choice of many employees.Chen Yongping from Huangshi, Hubei province is the site safety leader. He originally planned to go home for the Spring Festival. Considering the tight schedule of the project, he chose to stay and lead 15 workers to make the project catch up and spend the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in the front line of the project.Also not shut down during the Spring Festival in materials science and technology (jiujiang) co., LTD. Intelligent in factory workshop, methodically mechanical arm assembly, automatic production line is steaming high-speed operation, staff busy at work, after cutting, burning red, closed bottom, convergent, machining process, such as small cylinder smooth output.Yu Qiang, assistant to the general manager of Sinoma Technology (Jiujiang) Co., LTD., introduced that the company is full of orders at present, and the employees stick to the front-line posts during the Spring Festival to rush orders and ensure timely delivery.In order to achieve a better performance, the company seized the good situation of the industry development, one month in advance of the reserve of raw materials and auxiliary materials, to ensure production and supply during the Spring Festival, sprint to the output value of the first quarter.During the Spring Festival, the company’s output value is expected to increase by 5 million yuan.Ruichang city firmly grasp the “steady, into good, tuning” principle, by encouraging enterprises during the Spring Festival not stable production, support key projects hillock to keep worker, plotting to reserve materials in advance, to strengthen security measures in aspects of productive factors, support key projects and key enterprises not shutdown, do not shut down during the Spring Festival, have strive to promote the city’s economy, a good step, strive to achieve the start will be accelerated,Start with a good situation.