Spring go | haining at the grass-roots level provide people with convenient traffic safety smooth travel travel insurance

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The 2022 Spring Festival Travel Rush is coming to an end, and the busy pace and rolling wheels of returning to work and production have gradually replaced the taste of New Year in visiting relatives and friends and family reunion.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the increasing number of people and vehicles, the prevention and control of COVID-19, and the frequent occurrence of severe weather such as freezing rain and snow make the transport sector face a more severe test.According to haining City transportation bureau related person in charge said, the city’s traffic people united as one, go all out, grasp the prevention and control, ensure smooth, convenient and safe for the people to provide smooth travel guarantee.Recently, the reporter in the Hangzhou-Hai Intercity Haining high-speed railway west station subway station to see passengers, bags and bags flowing, the work is tense and orderly.It is reported that the 2022 “Spring Festival Travel rush” work is led by Haining Transportation Bureau for the first time, and the first time to add “rail transit” element features.Under the “double first” policy, transport departments have strengthened their responsibilities and ensured the service of the Spring Festival travel rush by taking into full consideration the needs of the public while carrying out scientific and precise epidemic prevention and control work.The reporter also saw a new public transport “epidemic prevention manager” in Haining at the security checkpoint of subway stations. Before that, Haining innovatively installed 1,031 sets of “health code” collectors on all public transport vehicles such as buses, taxis, long-distance chartered buses and tourist shuttles, as well as railway stations, high-speed railway stations and Hanghai Metro stations.Instead of checking the “health code” manually, “epidemic prevention managers” were installed on public transportation before the Spring Festival travel rush. The overall epidemic prevention capacity was comprehensively improved, and the efficiency of security check and the quality of Spring Festival travel service were greatly improved.It is understood that the fully installed “Epidemic Prevention Manager” health code collector is small, convenient and mobile, and can recognize the Zhejiang health code, Hangzhou health code and ID card presented by passengers. “Scan code on the bus” will completely replace “manual inspection”, and further realize self-service data collection of health code and associated data.The health code related information and associated data will be transmitted to the public security management platform in real time. Once an associated epidemic occurs, it can achieve fast and accurate source tracing and track tracking, effectively speed up the emergency contact investigation and source tracing, and minimize the possibility of the spread of the epidemic.At the same time, the reporter found that the transfer channel between Haining High-speed Railway West Station and Hanghai City Railway Haining High-speed Railway West Station subway station has been officially opened, passengers can achieve close transfer between the two stations.Previously, due to the lack of connection between the two stations, passengers had to take a detour to transfer, which took more than 10 minutes to walk.To this end, Haining City Trade group plans to implement two stations through the wiring channel.After more than half a year of construction, the channel through the two stations has been completed and put into operation.The transfer channel is 92 meters in length, and passengers can reach the opposite station in two minutes, which is sheltered from wind and rain, making the transfer much more comfortable.”During the Spring Festival travel rush, passengers carry large bags with them, and the use of channels will greatly facilitate the transfer of passengers.”Relevant person in charge.Transportation is an important gateway for epidemic prevention and control.The reporter understands in haining traffic transport, this year’s Spring Festival transportation haining to create “safe, orderly and smooth, comfortable” travel to the total target, with high quality “supporting” work done for the total gripper, resolutely implement the “rebound against input, inside outside” total strategy, epidemic prevention and control as a whole and transport security, solid foundation to carry out the Spring Festival in 2022.During the Spring Festival travel rush, Haining has put into operation 7 shuttle buses, 294 passenger seats, 99 chartered buses, 4058 passenger seats and 20 emergency transport capacity. According to the plan, 30 provincial temporary passenger class license plates, 50 provincial temporary passenger class license plates and 100 provincial package license plates will be issued.Railway Haining station, Haining West station opened 135 fixed trains, additional 33 linke.The Hangzhou-Haikou Intercity Railway will operate according to the current train operation schedule, operating from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., with an interval of 10 minutes.The city bus will fully connect with the operation time of Hangzhou-Hai intercity railway, ensuring the connection of the last kilometer of citizens’ travel.At the same time, in view of the transport disruption that may be caused by bad weather and various emergencies, transport departments have strengthened the investigation of potential safety hazards, strengthened supervision in key areas, and strengthened safety emergency preparedness to ensure that the road travel needs of passengers and the transport of key materials are met.Supervise | butyl future Zheng Li editing | Chen trainee journalist | kuang correspondent | zheng-yang xu Pan meng tien Zhang Yi Yu Xiaofeng * all peer originator, reprint please indicate the source.