The Chinese New Year box office hit 6.1 billion yuan, with Watergate Bridge taking the top spot and Hitman coming in second

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The total box office of the 2022 Spring Festival from the first day of the Lunar New Year to the sixth day of the Lunar New Year exceeded 6.1 billion yuan, which is equivalent to an average daily box office of 1 billion yuan. Among them, the one-day box office of the First day of the Lunar New Year exceeded 1.45 billion yuan.About 110 million people went to the cinema during the Spring Festival, with an average ticket price of 55 yuan, a record high, making many movie fans shy away.Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake, the box office champion of the Spring Festival in 2022, took in 2.5 billion yuan in six days. As the sequel of Changjin Lake, the box office champion of The Chinese film history, Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake is basically locked to be the box office champion of the Spring Festival.Screenings are the biggest advantage of “Watergate Bridge of Chojin Lake”. The screenings on the first day of Chinese New Year accounted for about 26%, but on February 6, the screenings accounted for 30% instead of decreasing.Not only is the box office hot, but the word of mouth is also good, scoring 7.2 points on Douban, ranking third among the five live-action films in the Spring Festival season.Second place at the Chinese New Year box office was the comedy “The Professional”, which grossed 1.4 billion yuan in six days. Mahua Funage finally achieved another box office hit.On its opening day, “The Professional” ranked third in the daily box office chart, losing to Director Han Han’s “The Four Seas”, but on its second day of release, it overtook “The Four Seas” to take second place.Compared to Li MAO for Prince, The Killer is much better, but unfortunately not an original film, based on the classic Japanese comedy, there are surprises, but the overall performance is mediocre.The Professional dropped from 6.9 out of 10 on Douban at the time of its release to 6.7 out of 10 on Douban today, while other Chinese New Year movies have barely budged.Taking the third place at the Box office during the Spring Festival period is “Miracle: Stupid Kids”, with a cumulative box office of about 700 million yuan. This film has a stable performance during the Spring Festival period, and its word-of mouth is also good, with a stable score of 7.4 points on Douban.In fourth place was “Boonie Bears: After Earth”, a boonie bear film released every year during the Spring Festival, which once again made a strong comeback, with a low-key but high box office of 580 million yuan in six days.Director Han Han’s “The Four Seas” took fifth place at the Chinese New Year box office. The film that was the most likely to take the no. 2 spot at the Chinese New Year box office fell off a cliff due to poor word-of-mouth, but was eventually overtaken by other films.The box office of “Four Seas” reached 470 million yuan in six days, while the box office hit 220 million yuan in the first day, which can be imagined how fierce the daily box office revenue fell after that. This is the biggest surprise of the 2022 Spring Festival.Sniper, directed by Zhang Yimou and Zhang Mo, took sixth place at the Chinese New Year box office. The most unfortunate Spring Festival film, perhaps underrated from the start due to its cast, is actually the best Spring Festival film of 2022, with 7.7 points on Douban.Relying on excellent word of mouth, “Sniper” began to reverse the trend, daily box office revenue continued to rise, to February 6, the daily box office reached a new high, about 53 million yuan, six days of box office of 260 million yuan.