The best defense is offense

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— Talk about how to reverse the “West strong, I weak” international public opinion pattern read a Ning Nanshan article “Why we always can’t win the war of public opinion?”.To tell the truth, see this title, the in the mind is disgusted, although the content of the article is a certain truth.But I think this may be the result of the popularity of “clickbait” among some people in recent years.How do we Win the War of Public Opinion?Or “foreign public opinion war, mainstream media can not be absent” or “intellectuals in foreign public opinion war to play combat effectiveness” ah, even I can use this title “the best defense is attack — Chinese intellectuals in foreign public opinion war to play initiative”.So why is it that “the best defense is offense”?As Chairman MAO once said, “Anything that is reactionary cannot fall down unless you fight it down.It is like dust on the ground. If the broom does not reach it, the dust will not go away.”The same is true of the war of public opinion in foreign countries. If we do not occupy the public opinion field, wrong things will fill it.So, the best defense is offense.Not long ago, the “battle of Liangmaqiao” attracted a wave of hype. The Us and Iranian embassies in China engaged in an aerial battle on Weibo, and netizens suggested that they have an engagement at Liangmaqiao, which is known as the battle of Liangmaqiao in history.But this is by no means the norm.It is not often that the world’s largest imperialist country and the world’s largest theocratic republic engage in a diplomatic dogfight using standard Chinese on the world’s largest socialist country network platform.However, it is not realistic to wait until “the whole world speaks Chinese,” as Professor Jin canrong said.Therefore, in the face of the international public opinion pattern of “the West is strong and we are weak”, we need to take the initiative to attack.American general Patton’s “war method”, can let us refer to reference.Patton believed himself to be destined for greatness, and he famously said: the only way to keep the enemy from attacking you is to attack you!”No one has ever successfully defended anything,” he said. “It’s just attack, attack, attack.”So how does that work?My view is that we should not only defend the position of public opinion at home, but also attack the position of public opinion war outside the country, including the Western media.For a long time, however, we have not done enough to balance the two battlefields of public opinion, domestic and foreign.Not only in the battlefield of domestic public opinion, but also in the face of the attack of various hostile forces: some “public intellectuals” reduced to traitors, “American”, “Japanese”, there all day long to talk down China;Some media people have low propaganda ability, consciously or unconsciously engaged in various forms of “low-level red, high-level black”;The majority of Chinese have become the “silent majority”;And so on.In the field of foreign public opinion, there is seldom the situation of taking the initiative to attack and provoke issues.Until recently, foreign Ministry spokesmen Zhao Lijian and Hua Chunying posted messages on Twitter, which showed little improvement.It reminds me of gu Hongming, a late Qing dynasty eccentric hero.At the beginning of the 20th century, there was a saying in the West that one could visit China without seeing the Forbidden City or Gu Hongming.Who is Gu Hongming?He claimed that he was “born in South Asia, studied in the West, married in the East, official in the North.”He was the first to translate the Analects of Confucius and the Doctrine of the Mean into English and German for the West.With his eloquent tongue, he taught Confucius to Japanese Prime Minister ITO Hirobumi, wrote letters to Literary master Leo Tolstoy, discussed world culture and political situation, and was called “the most honorable Chinese” by Indian Mahatma Gandhi.Gu Hongming is a pioneer in the war of public opinion.He criticized the West, translated the classic works of Chinese civilization into Western languages, and used them as weapons of battle, but won praise from the West.Li Dazhao, one of the leaders of the New Culture Movement, said, “You would think that Mr. Gu Hongming, the founder of Chinese culture for more than 2,500 years, would be able to hold his head high in the world of the twentieth century.”Gu Hongming can be said to be the first Chinese to know both Chinese and Western, ancient and modern.He studied at the University of Edinburgh in the UK, the University of Berlin in Germany, the University of Leipzig in Germany, and the University of Paris in France.He has received 13 doctorate degrees in literature, philosophy, science, engineering and god.Proficient in English, German, French, Italian, Latin, Malay, Greek, Japanese, Russian and other languages, the first to translate the “four Books” in English and German to the West, the Chinese into English, German, French and other western common languages, in the Western media offensive operations.We should note that Gu Hongming lived in an era when western learning was spreading to the east.It can be imagined that he then “retrograde” is how difficult.In my opinion, what we lack now is a large number of talents like Gu Hongming.I am ashamed to say that he did not know Gu Hongming, only that he read English newspapers backwards, and mocked him in a standard London accent, saying, “English is boring to read if you stand up.”The young man did not know Gu Hongming, but only knew that domestic intellectuals said that he had a “teapot theory” and that he wore a big pigtail after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty.Now I know Gu Hongming and admire him as a great man.Cultural magnate Wu Mi also praised Gu, saying, “Gu is the representative of Chinese culture and the only propagandist of China in the world.”Over the years, the language barrier has had a major impact on human society.Language barriers and cultural differences are common problems faced by most Chinese students studying in the West.Most Chinese do not understand foreign languages, and most foreigners do not understand Chinese. It is not a small difficulty to overcome the ideological gap caused by the information gap.Among them, the role of “translation” is very huge.And Gu hongming’s language genius is unparalleled before and after, his English attests, Sun Yat-sen, Lin Yutang are regarded as “First in China”.The German writer Paquet said: “Gu Hongming is the first Chinese I can talk with in native German.”Therefore, in this era, we need to take the initiative to attack the western public opinion, but also need thousands of people who have learned both Chinese and Western, love the country and love the Party “Gu Hongming”.