Three famous five law analysis, farewell, chant, spring outing style is very different, master the key

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In fact, I think the five rules are the most difficult to write in modern poetry.Qijue and qilu are relatively easier to write than it, and wujue is easier to write than it because of its few words, although it is not easy to write well, but it is relatively easy to become a poem.Send Du Shaofu of Shu Chuan Wang Bo chengque auxiliary Sanqin, smoke wang Wujin.Parting with the king, with eunuchs.A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near.Inaction in the crossroads, children with towel.This wulv is a famous work of Wang Bo spread through the ages, especially the two neck-linked sentences, quite exquisite.But I do not make the analysis of words, mainly the structure of the poem and other techniques of anatomy.The first couplet belongs to the first sentence into rhyme, generally can not do antithesis, but Wang Bo still made quite neat antithesis, can be seen rigorous.The first sentence points to the place where you live, the second sentence slightly open, with wind smoke to write send friends to the distant place.The main idea of the poem has already been stated in one or two sentences.The first one or two sentences point out, and then the following six sentences, all are spread from now on to send friends of the word, a gas filled and down, no other description description, so it is wonderful.The emotion is out of control, stirring.In this kind of rhythmic poetry, when the emotions are agitated, the branches should be avoided by all means. There is no need to set off by various descriptions of twists and turns. The key lies in the pulse of qi.Tang poetry, all qi circulation, this poem is especially obvious.In the same way, the seven laws of this kind.The poem three or four couplet main expression is such as bosom friends are of the same mind, then why hurt others.This writing method is to advance a layer, and then turn out a layer of new ideas, not for ordinary parting words, will not feel cliche.Therefore, the three or four sentences of nod say goodbye, and is the eunuch farewell, farewell in parting, so extremely sad, in order to force the following and turn out parting to parting, this is the bosom friend ah, are tianya reduced people.We can learn from this approach, the method of opening and closing.In prison chanting cicada Luobin King Xilu cicada singing, south crown guest think deep.Can’t bear dark temples, to the hoary head Yin.Dew flies hard, but the wind is loud and heavy.When no one believes in purity, who is my heart?This song is a famous ode to cicadas as well as one of King Luobin’s masterpieces.The first line does not enter rhyme, then strictly in accordance with the metrical, one or two sentences written in antithesis.One or two sentences to write prison smell cicadas, is also directly cut the theme of writing.Three or four sentences with “unbearable” and “to” as the hook, the use of running water to write, from cicada said to his body, hierarchical.Moreover, in the syntactic circulation, it is not only neat and relatively echoes and contrasts, but also shows more depressed emotions.Five words of cicada because of heavy dew and wings difficult to fly, is mainly a metaphor for their own slanders and the meaning of snow.The sixth sentence says that the cicada’s cry is easy to drown because of the wind, which implies that the cicada’s words are not up to speed, and it is difficult to express the injustice and eliminate the slander of villains.This use of other things to express some of their own emotions, but also a very clever writing, can learn from.In the last sentence of the third couplet, the veiled expression “cicada” is used as a metaphor for oneself.This way of writing the poem is most explicit.General poems about things, or see things, or borrow things from the situation, or borrow things implied meaning, have the flavor of the topic, not confined to the description of image itself, fu Bi Xing in the book of Songs in the three body of the body is fully reflected in this poem.This poem can be learned as a model of chanting poetry, chanting is no longer difficult to master.Although it is good to use the Canon to chant things, it is better to use the Canon to the point and to give a new idea.Past poem “Jia Yi house” cloud: cold forest empty see when the sun sets.With gengzi peng bird thing.”Sui Palace” cloud: there is the twilight crow.Sui dike planted willow things.”Peach blossom” cloud: blame him to spend after so, remember come to road also have no.With Cui Hu heavy things and “Peach Blossom Land”.Not only elegant to the point and lively new.So we can learn these poetic techniques from the way we write things and use them.And Jin Ling Lu Cheng early spring outing looked at Du Shenyan unique eunuch, partial surprised the new climate.Clouds out of haishu, Meiliu ferry spring.Shu qi urges yellow birds, clear light to green apple.Suddenly smell song ancient tune, return to think to touch towel.The first two sentences with “unique” “partial surprised” progressive cohesion, direct point Ming and friends in the guest to meet spring, not in the hometown, so because of phenology and more see startled, set the whole poem style.In the four sentences are caused by the “phenology new” description of the scene, endowed with “early spring outing wang” four words, depth depiction to the point.Cloud xia sentence write early scene, plum willow sentence write spring scene.The fifth sentence is mainly written on the land to hear the birds singing when spring comes;The sixth sentence is written on the water to see things, because of the spring and green surface changes.A year easy, and the value of spring, is the heart of the township dazzled, suddenly heard friends Lu Cheng’s simple singing, the voice moving, do not feel back to think with towel.This poem is a kind of genre of visiting countryside, which is more realistic about the scenery at that time.The structure is quite clear, the front and back two links for emotion, the middle two links for pure scene description foil.The middle two couplet four sentences, although pure write scenery, but “out” word “cross” word “urge” word “turn” word, the word is wonderful, can be described as poetic eye.Spring from jiangnan and north, with the word “cross” especially accurate.Pure scenery and in these words and circulation has a certain mood, the touch of the fine place, emotion slowly converge, and then to the last sentence, vent out.# Poetry # 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