Weifang undertakes the task of rehabilitation medical service pilot at least 1-2 rehabilitation hospitals

2022-05-09 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yipoint reporter Ma Yuanyuan according to the National Health Commission and other 8 departments “opinions on accelerating the development of rehabilitation medical work”, the National Health Commission identified Beijing, Shandong province and other 15 provinces as the pilot areas of rehabilitation medical services.On January 26, 2022, the Provincial Health Commission issued the Work Plan of Rehabilitation Medical Service Pilot project in Shandong Province, and made it clear that Weifang and other cities should undertake the task of rehabilitation medical service pilot project.According to the work Plan, Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao and Heze should actively explore and innovate the rehabilitation medical service system, increase the supply of rehabilitation medical service, discipline construction, service model and price payment policy, and form demonstration experience and typical practices.After 1 year of pilot work, explore form more perfect medical rehabilitation service system, increase the rehabilitation services supply, promote rehabilitation medical ability, development of diversified rehabilitation medical service mode, summarizes the policies and measures conducive to the development of rehabilitation medical services and the typical experience and gradually promotion, promote the rehabilitation of medical services quality development.We will improve the rehabilitation medical service system.With Qingdao city, Weifang City, Zibo City and Linyi city as the focus, a relatively perfect rehabilitation medical service network of tertiary hospitals, tertiary hospitals, secondary hospitals, secondary rehabilitation hospitals, rehabilitation medical centers and grassroots medical institutions has been formed with clear positioning, division of labor and collaboration, and linkage between the upper and lower levels.Increase the number of medical institutions and beds providing rehabilitation medical services.On the basis of establishing at least one second-level or above rehabilitation hospital in each city, Qingdao, Weifang, Rizhao and Heze should build at least 1-2 rehabilitation hospitals or promote the transformation of 1-2 first-level or second-level hospitals into rehabilitation hospitals.We will innovate the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model of rehabilitation medicine.By the end of 2022, one or two effective medical institutions in each municipality that carry out early intervention of rehabilitation medicine and closely cooperate with other clinical departments will be recommended to the Provincial Health Commission for summary of excellent experience, so as to form a multi-disciplinary diagnosis and treatment model that can be replicated and promoted.We will promote the integrated development of rehabilitation and medical services with other services.We will promote the deep integration of rehabilitation medical services and rehabilitation assistive device configuration services, and standardize the development of rehabilitation assistive device configuration services.China will actively develop rehabilitation services combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and strive to reach 100% of TCM rehabilitation services in rehabilitation hospitals by the end of 2022.The work plan also proposes to strengthen the capacity building of rehabilitation medical discipline, and strengthen the rehabilitation medical discipline as a key discipline to make up the weak points;We will strengthen the construction of rehabilitation medical professionals, carry out training programs for doctors in rehabilitation medical disciplines to transfer to other posts, and increase the number of rehabilitation professionals.Accelerate the development of home rehabilitation medical services, and form a relatively perfect and extensible home rehabilitation medical service model;We will explore ways to improve pricing and payment mechanisms for rehabilitation and medical services.