Big god work “I love you I guilty”, let a person have to look at the love god

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Chapter 1 When I Tell you to Get out, You Get out.Lu Zong, don’t bite there…Somebody else’s pain…”Late at night, Chu Jinran unscrewed the door of the villa, has not entered the house, heard the ambiguous voice from upstairs.A woman’s delicate voice, called with enthusiasm.Just hear the sound, Chu Jinran’s mind can imagine the upstairs room inside the messy, charming scene.Chu Jinran body a stiff, fingers subconsciously clenched, a moment later, she as if nothing had happened to close the door, shoes did not take off, on high heels, step by step upstairs.Perhaps her footsteps were too harsh in the villa at night, the sound in the room seemed to be small for a moment, then became more high-pitched, as if to knock the door panels through.Chu Jinran eyelash hung down, blocked the fundus all look.Standing in the doorway, she lifted her foot and kicked it away in a brutal, simple way.There was a loud bang, and the noise in the room fell silent.Looking up, lu Chennian, her husband of two years, was sitting lazily, a ragged woman spreading her snow-white legs and bending over him, making shameless gestures.The whole scene stung Chu Jinran’s eyes.”Lu Chen years, as I said, don’t put your outside to bring home those no three no four women, dirty my house!”Chu Jinran cold face opening, cold voice.Lu Chennian raises mou son, abstruse and dark stare at the woman of one face calm calm in front, eyebrow one pick.”Your house?Chu Jinran, I haven’t seen you for a month, but your shameless kung fu has improved a lot. In this room, what is yours?”This room, from construction to decoration, was all arranged by Lu Chennian. Every decorative or practical thing was carefully selected by him. Once, he thought it would be his home with this woman.Once.Chu jinran pursed her lips and tightened her fingers slightly, but her face did not show any emotion.Lu Chennian lifted his eyelids and looked at her lightly, then dropped them again. He held the chin of the coquely woman in his arms, seemingly intimate, but the eyes in his half-drooping eyelids were cold and grim.He hated chu Jinran that always calm calm appearance, even if it was her husband cheating in front of her, she seemed to care.And the woman who was pinched chin by him saw this, fighting courage, and tried hard to attract Lu Chennian by means of bold action and provocative posture.Chu Jinran stared at the two men and women on the sofa who were still in love with each other, and her fingers tightened. Intellectually, she knew she should go now.So you don’t get hurt.But……She remembered what her father and stepmother had begged her to do today, and the money that was waiting for her at home and at work.Lu Chennian did not look at her, hugging the woman more and more overheated, more and more eyesore.Chu Jinran stared at them, a inexplicable anger, gradually poured out, over her brain those messy clamour of domestic affairs, only the eyes of the men and women of the mill.Do a deep breath, Chu Jinran suddenly steps forward, grabbed the side of the teapot, pocket head will be inside the hot water poured on the men and women.The woman screamed and quickly rolled off Lu chennian, beating the hot water against her body.Because of the two people’s posture, most of the hot water poured on the woman’s body, Lu Chennian was not hurt, is still that chic and noble posture, big square sitting on the sofa, even if his clothes are not whole, chest big dew, but also the little denigrate can not drop his own precious temperament.This man, in all fairness, is stunningly beautiful.He raised deep and delicate eyes, half-smile looking at Chu Jinran, inexplicable eyes let Chu Jinran some hair in the heart.She did not dare to make eye contact with him, but turned her head and fired at the woman beside her.”Get out of here!The woman was splashed with hot water, is also a temper, how can be reconciled?Then she thought of lu Chennian’s marriage with Chu Jinran, and lu Chennian’s passion for her just now. She kicked her nose on her face, held Lu Chennian’s legs, pretended to be pathetic, and cried: “Chen Nian, I was so hurt by boiling water…And now she’s telling me to get out, AND I…”Halfway through, she covered her face and began to cry.Lu Chennian hangs down mou son again, light of look at her.”She tells you to go, you go.”The woman one leng, did not think just still to the enthusiasm of the man, how suddenly turned against.Lu Chennian stared at her, his lips hooked, his smile forcing.”What, do I throw you out myself?””No, I dare not.”The woman’s back took a chill, quickly stood up, grabbed his bag, regardless of discomfited staggered quickly ran out.Before I left, I unconsciously closed the door to the two people in the strange atmosphere of the house.In the room, it was eerily quiet.Lu Chennian is still that pair to smile not smile of oozing person appearance, only stare at Chu Jinran, also do not speak.Chu Jinran every time will be his eyes look at the heart of the hair freak, trying to stretch the calm expression, staring at a certain point in the house, pretend to be calm.”Mrs. Lu, how are you responsible for driving away my partner tonight?”Lu Chennian began, somewhat liberally.Chu Jinran glanced at him, originally wanted to satirize him a few words, but words to the mouth, suddenly remembered his father and stepmother’s words.She’s going to ask Lu Chennian for $50 million tonight.She stiffened, clenched her purse and asked, “How do you want me to be responsible?”Lu Chennian raises a body, depend on on sofa, stare at chu Jinran of half smile only, do not explain, but the obscure meaning in that pair of deep mou son, however again apparent nevertheless.We’re adults. This is responsible. What else is responsible?Chu Jinran body more rigid, but the situation forced, some things, she had to do.Turn over, Chu Jinran suddenly hook up bright red lip Angle, she was originally out of the facial features, and because of the work painted light makeup, will be the original delicate appearance modified more beautiful, pick lips a smile, canthus eyebrow tip with moving yan Beauty.Walking on high heels slowly close, finally stopped in a step away from Lu Chennian place, bent down, she actively close to Lu Chennian, exhaling such as LAN, unspeakable hook.”So, Lu Zong, what are you going to exchange for my responsibility?”Lu chennian breathed lightly and stared darkly at the woman’s face near him and at the part of the scene that was half hidden from her neckline as she bent over.Without speaking, he directly buckled chu Jinran’s wrist, a force, the woman’s slender and slender body, was pressed by him to turn over under the tall and straight body.The distance between two people, ambiguous tease.Lu Chennian took hold of her slender chin and said in a husky voice, “Is there anything else in Ancheng that I, Lu Chennian, can’t bring out?”The implication is that he can take whatever she wants.Car, house, diamond ring…He could buy her anything.Chu Jinran put soft body, take the initiative to raise his hand, hook Lu Chennian’s neck, soft voice: “I want 50 million, investment in my company.”In a word, let the original charming atmosphere, suddenly cold as ice.Lu Chennian pinched the fingers under her chin, pulling them in slightly. Even the rough, warm fingers were tinged with biting cold.This woman, all she wants is money.Ever since she got married, all she’s ever seen is money.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!