Black four-leaf clover 322 words: What are the odds of returning at night?The real hero attribute cannot be ignored

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Black clovers cartoon content updated 322 words, a lot of black clovers fan after watching, many people complained, think night men see not the kui is a leading role aura, under such adversity, unexpectedly character outbreak, successfully to stand up, is one of the real leading role of the whole works, for the night see exclamation in all at the same time, some of today’s plot development, also is full of curiosity,In the next battle, how much chance can night see win? Will the real hero appear and change the result of lucifer’s battle now?Lucifer’s power line began to be weakened from the plot development, appear as the villain lucifer, the theory of strength is very strong, but as the fighting continues to increase, the villain, known as the unrivaled hand, power is gradually weakened, and the night see, means his power, have begun to weaken to stronger than all of you here, only!Why do you say that?When Lucifer appeared, it could be said that he was in high spirits. He could easily suppress all the people on the spot and could not move, which was enough to see the depth of his strength. But this high intensity of oppression was only a flash in the pan, and was broken by Ashtar in an instant!Although ashtar has the auxiliary of Mr, let him ignore all magic attacks, but the pressure on the proof, also make way for the lucifer could have hope of winning, began to appear variables, followed by lille build dream magic, also let you head have the force of the first world war, it is obvious for lucifer proud strength, from the confidence, to give a blow!The perfect moment, not lucifer’s performance, but the persistence of female lions fight again and again, as the fighting continued, originally is not the dominant you head, but because the female lion one strengthen ceaselessly, make combat dramatic, and lucifer to adrammelech words, also spoke the subtext of themselves are not willing to with a female lion,At the same time, it also proves that the strength of the female lion is indeed gradually approaching Lucifer, proving that the strength of Lucifer is gradually being weakened!Night see appearance, make the follow-up story become very wonderful though lucifer’s power is weakened, but after all is manageable, nocera, from an instantaneous seconds to your melee was lucifer Luo Yizhao suddenly and violently dozen of results, the authors give lucifer weaken retained the big face, therefore caused ashtar subsequent dragged his injured body join, blood scene!But, after all, lucifer ronaldo as the villain, the authors also impossible to set it to invincible, and by the appearance of the noble, directly pull the lucifer was slowly weakening speed, using by the north star magic, direct restraint strength of lucifer, the road is quite clever, not only highlights the identity by prince of spades, stage, also for hart’s appearance, foreshadowing the timing!, the emergence of hart, of course, is not to let this manifest suddenly and violently cow group deputy head of the fighting strength, but by hart mood changes, to make already collapses the night see, again, the whole process will not seem so abrupt, after is to let a person see, big magic at the same time, also to night to see the next performance expectations!Why do you say that?Because the emergence of the night see, in addition to let a person began to see the night true protagonist identity ridicule at the same time, he himself is also bring 3 questions, first of all is the night see how to recover, who is the treatment of the night see?Secondly, how did the sword of night vision come from? Was it given by Van Jens or evolved by other magic?Finally, how long will the battle last?Don’t look at the three question content is not much, but it has attracted people attention each place, and these places, there is no doubt for the battle of lucifer, is intimately involved, it will also make subsequent combat content is very wonderful, it follows that night to see, is not only effective for ashtar following combat support, but also the author to eliminate lucifer.Buried in a very important storyline, for the night to see the return of the odds?The real leading role attributes can not be ignored, you have what kind of views, welcome to leave a message to discuss!