Cloud na | operation and maintenance data intelligent analysis platform, complete data center operation and maintenance visualization

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As customers’ IT infrastructure grows in size, complexity, and data accumulation, their demand for standardization, automation, and intelligence in IT operation and maintenance is increasing rapidly.IT intelligent operation and maintenance management provides a set of complete solutions from infrastructure, database middleware, system application process to business transaction system operation management.Through the construction of IT intelligent operation and maintenance management system, customers can comprehensively improve the unified management and efficient operation of production and operation system.The current IT intelligent operation and maintenance management system is mainly aimed at customers in the financial industry.Based on in-depth understanding of customer demand, industry technology development trend and continuous accumulation of its own technical strength, by providing customers with intelligent operation and maintenance, data processing, business data visualization display, etc.In operational management system, Banks to provide a full range of operational services, integrate the existing operational data resources, complete operational data intelligent analysis platform of the original data preparation, complete intelligent analysis, event location, capacity prediction, dynamic baseline monitoring and auxiliary decision change, build operational data intelligent analysis platform, intelligent operations experience, improve the proportion of intelligence operations.The data visualization platform is the data display platform of unified mobile ring system, IT network management system and operation and maintenance management system.IT is also an important part of information interaction and access interface, and an important basis for IT operation and maintenance management to data visualization and intelligent management.Complete the integration of data center operation and maintenance management system platform, operation and maintenance data visualization, intelligent diagnosis and mobile intelligent terminal.For the data of big data platform and big data business, the data operation and maintenance monitoring platform has completed multidimensional monitoring, intelligent decision analysis and automatic implementation of closed-loop operation and maintenance.Data O&M Global Monitoring platform is a data-driven o&M solution for complex big data systems.Solution contains a unified operational portal (operational orders, vertical search operations) and several operational foundation platform (process platform and configuration platform, operating platform, data platform), set the daily operational order management, automatic release changes, configuration management, task scheduling and intelligent monitoring alarm management, anomaly detection prediction and fault self-healing, and other functions in one body.Unified information management is faced with the problems of difficult IT system quantity management, passive operation and maintenance of traditional personnel and high maintenance cost.Cloud na intelligent operation and maintenance management solution, using integrated distributed architecture, through automatic control process, combined with intelligent analysis of big data, through network terminal operation implementation, truly complete one-stop intelligent operation and maintenance.Thus solve the problems of low operation and maintenance efficiency and high operation and maintenance cost.